When we started out this episode, I really didn’t think that we would end the way we did. I thought, maybe with the attempted escape Hayase was going to cause some more problems or perhaps the Nokkers were going to figure out how to control the sea life… Ah, but instead we got zombies and now our gang is half the size! Nokkers, I’m begging! Please just let Fushi make friends and let them live!!

Compared to last week’s episode, I certainly enjoyed this one a lot more. It felt much more consistent and I’m glad that we finally got to have a solid heart to heart between Fushi and Tonari. I loved how she was able to speak her feelings about her father and how everything slowly started to poison her thoughts. She’s no longer the innocent girl she was a long time ago, instead she’s become jaded and honestly quite vicious. Her line about killing everyone on the island in her mind was brutal. And it’s made even more clear when she tells Fushi not to save them. To her they are already dead, she’s already saved those who are able to be saved and God will save the rest. Honestly, it’s really scary thinking! But at least Fushi makes the decision to save them on his own.

Though, jumping back a little bit, I will admit it was pretty funny when she was trying to rescue him and he was just like “What are you doing, I’m immortal.” It was a pretty easy resolution for his umpteenth kidnapping by Hayase, but boy it really led to a lot of tragedy in the last third of the episode. I guess the moral of this episode is that sometimes it’s better to leave someone behind, or otherwise you’ll lose so much more than what you started with. I’m nowhere near as invested in this group of kids as I was March or Gugu, and yet…. here I am, wiping away the tears of the episode.

Look, I knew someone bad was going to happen to Tonari, but I never would expected the others to die as well! I thought it would be a “we’ll live on for you” type moment and instead we got hit with one thing after another. First, we have Oopa, aside from Tonari she was the one I had the most interest in, previously she had very cute moments and I just wanted her to be happy. But then, the absolute fear in her eyes as the Nokkers took over her body followed by the tears coming out of her corpse? Oopa you really deserved so much better! And then things snowballed from there because Mia came shortly after her! And with her, the sadness came out of the desperation everyone had to save her! They were trying their hardest but ultimately, they weren’t able to do anything. And then finally there was Uroy who was really the final nail in the coffin for this episode. Why did the most painful line have to go to one of the kids whose name I barely even knew?

“I’ll have fun in the paradise of the afterlife”.

That’s when I absolutely lost it. There were already tears in my eyes from the events happening previously, but that really took the cake. And what’s even worse is knowing there’s more suffering to come in the next episode. The Nokkers haven’t been defeated yet. Hayase is still roaming about I’ll need to make sure that I have plenty of tissues ready for what’s about to come. I know that tragedy is coming, but I’m just hoping that it’s presented well.

And with that, we only have 2 episodes left to go! I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Let’s hope that Fushi is at least able to save someone before the series ends!


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