To Your Eternity – Episode 16

Where do I even start with this episode? Do I start where Fushi accidentally knocks everyone out with the food laced with morning glory, or perhaps talking about Tonari’s rather unfortunate past? Or maybe I just jump right into everything regarding Hayase because what the actual frick just happened with that??? Listen I didn’t like her very much before this episode, but God they just really went and made her the absolute worst. I mean… at least they’re going all in.

Okay, before I get into that whole mess, I do want to take a minute to talk about Tonari because I feel like I’ve been really mean to her since we’ve met her. By no means did this episode make me fall in love with her character, but at least now I have a bit more of an understanding about where she comes from. I mean, it doesn’t fully explain her attitudes towards some things, but she’s been through a lot so I can’t fault her too much. I mean the poor girl’s life was completely uprooted from a young age. She was brought to an island of prisoners for a crime that her father may or may not have committed. And on top of that she witnessed the absolute downfall of her father in the arena.

Which brings me to another point… Could someone please clarify for me if that was in fact her father that stood victorious in the arena? He was a bald, buff, strong man and those were ultimately the characteristics of the victor… but coupled with her comment of saying the man wasn’t her father and her digging through all the bodies really convinced me that he was dead. After the trauma of witnessing the death of her father, it would make sense that she was emotionally checked out when she found the book as a birthday present (plus seeing that it was just left on a boat and not handed to her really made me think that he left it for her knowing that he wouldn’t be coming back). But then I got confused again when they poisoned the guy and threw him in the water. I mean, he did call out her name, so I guess that means he was victorious… what a way to go.

But it was nice to see Tonari use the book that was a gift her. I like that we were able to go through years with her and how she changed on the island. She was able to meet new friends and eventually smile again. The whole situation sucks for her and the other kids on the island, but at least they have each other. And in all honesty when we get to the Fushi / Pioran kidnapping plot I really can’t blame all of it on her. I mean, yeah, she’s the one that actually acted on it and got them in this mess… but there was someone else who planted the thought into Tonari’s mind and … well at least we already hate that person since they killed March! And boy do I have some words to say about them.

Okay, Hayase. Have you ever hated a character so much that you just want to reach into the screen and strangle them yourselves? Yeah, there is nothing redeemable about that b*tch. Early on, I had the hope that maybe she would change her ways and perhaps even be a nice ally to the team. But nah, she goes through with sacrificing March to Oniguma and when that doesn’t work, she chases the down and still manages to kill March in the process. So that wound is still very much fresh in my mind. BUT NONE OF THAT EVEN COMPARES TO THE MESSED-UP STUFF SHE DID TO PARONA. Seriously!! What did Parona do to deserve this kind of ending?? Like genuinely, all Parona wanted to do was protect March and this is how things turned out for her… March is dead and she’s been decapitated by the killer. At this point, I’m rooting for Fushi to kill Hayase. Literally nothing will make me like her at this point. And when she does die, I hope it’s as brutal as the one she gave others.

I have a feeling I’m going to have a lot more Hayase rants in the coming future so I won’t spend too much time on her… but I do want to take a moment to talk about the episode preview. Is… is she just horny for Fushi? Because that adds a whole other fricked up layer to this whole mess. Like first she practically begs Fushi to rip her to shreds in the arena. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m rooting for Tonari (and gang) to take her out.

Man, the ending of this episode really caught all my attention, I could barely enjoy Pioran and Fushi’s reunion. I can’t even find the words to describe how I feel about this episode! All I know is that I really hope that Hayase is the next death we have to deal with. Just thinking about her makes me mad! Fushi, Tonari, and literally anyone else on the island please take her out!!


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2 Responses

  1. il-Palazzo says:

    It’s her father who won in the arena. She just said that because he became a bloodthirsty murderer who seemed to enjoy the death match a little bit too much. In the manga she started to doubt that maybe he actually did kill her mother, if he is that kind of man all along.

    • Quietcupcake says:

      thank you for the clarification! it’s a bummer that they didn’t include the bit about the mother in the anime. that would have really enhanced the post match scenes.

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