Hey, remember last week when I was yelling a lot about Baji? Welp…. I’m definitely yelling more about him this time around. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am definitely going through the emotions this week, and at least I know Takemitchy and Chifuyu are right there with me. God… I knew it was going to be brutal between Mikey and Kazutora? But this??? I wanted Baji to not be dead, but for him to come back and have everyone go through all of that in this episode? I can’t even find the words to write.

Despite everything that happened, I still have to give this episode major props. You know? Baji is still dead which was a major catalyst for the downfall of Toman in the future, and yet something tells me that this is much more of a tearful ending than what it initially was. I mean, for one, it’s really handy to have the crybaby hero front and center especially if you want to amp up the tears, but at the same time it also helps that Baji laid out his dying thoughts and wishes to both Takemitchy and Chifuyu. And I know, I know phrases like “I’m leaving them to you” and “I want to eat [food] Let’s share it”. Are technically cliches and used quite often, but they never fail to hurt me when someone is on their death bed! Nobody deserved any of this!!

Speaking of Chifuyu, what a good guy he is. Even throughout everything that has happened he’s always believed in Baji and tried to protect him till the very end. They’re a perfect pair. Baji was just trying to protect all of his friends, his treasures. He kept telling Mikey not to harm Kazutora after everything that happened, and even in the end he took his own life just so Kazutora would live with the blame and guilt. He cares about his friends!! And he was (just like Chifuyu said) investigating Kisaki! Even if he didn’t see Kisaki as straight up evil, he does see him as a threat as he was there to witness the request to become the third division captain. I’m so happy that they did the call back to Pah-chin. And just the fact that Baji called them all his treasures just really hits the nail in the coffin. At the end of the day, they all just care about their friends!!

I was about to be real upset when Mikey continued to try to kill Kazutora, just because it wouldn’t have been what Baji wanted. Also, the future would turn out exactly like the mess that it is currently and that right there would be an absolutely terrible thing to have happen. But that’s the best part about having a time traveler! Without Takemitchy to just casually pick up a lost charm and to casually throw off his school jacket in such a way the charm would fall out, there would have been no hope in changing the future. Hopefully, this changes the flow of the future…. Baji might be dead but at least we can keep Mikey from committing murder? I mean… regardless, if they actually managed to get an ambulance to show up, there’s still a kid with 2 stab wounds. Someone is going to have to take the fall for that. And something tells me Kisaki probably has a plan to “save” everyone.

God… I know there was so much that happened in this episode, but emotionally I’m going through it. I want to know if and how the Bloody Halloween arc is going to resolve itself, but at the same time I’m afraid for the next episode to come. What if everything that happened this week doesn’t change the future. I mean! We already have one death that we were most certainly trying to prevent! And uh… no offense Kazutora, but it’s going to take a miracle for your life to be spared. I understand where you’re coming from but you did kill Mikey’s brother and friend. You’re definitely at the top of his hit list… even if Kisaki was the one to provoke you to kill Baji…

I want to say, “I just want everything to be okay!” but there’s just no way that everything can be okay! People are dead and Takemitchy doesn’t exactly get a second redo! So, at the very least, can we just prevent Kisaki from moving any further in his plan? If we can do that, I’ll feel successful… but hoo… I’m gonna need a breather after this episode.


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