Episode 22

They really put us through all the emotions in this episode, huh? I am once again genuinely impressed by how much they were able to fit into that single episode. We got the formation of Toman, the end of the battle, all of Chifuyu and Baji’s history, and a resolution for Mikey and Kazutora. I wonder if it all went that fast in the manga… either way, I’m impressed that it didn’t seem too rushed.

Man, I don’t even know what to say about this episode except that they really gave it all to us. For those who are going to end up binging this series in the future, having this episode start up right after 21 is going to throw them through the emotions. I’m almost thankful that I had to wait a week between Baji’s death and actually learning about his relationships with the others. Arguably we did learn a little bit about him in the episodes leading up to Bloody Halloween, but we for sure didn’t get Chifuyu’s side of everything – but now everything is a bit clearer as to why Chifuyu was so dedicated to Baji. I thought it would just be a “Hey Baji, this guy is going to be your right hand. Play nice.” Rather than just him being real cool and taking down a gang all by himself

Also, it’s just really charming to see that at the formation of the Tokyo Manji Gang, it was just a group of kids who were just really good friends who were willing to stand up for each other. It’s tragic that things had to end up this way, and it’s especially a bummer that Baji couldn’t be save in the end. At least he passed in positive memory of everyone who knew him. Hoo…. if only these realizations could have come 20 minutes before they did. He might still be alive and Kazutora may no longer be on Mikey’s hit list – arguably, it’s because Baji died that Mikey came to the decision to forgive Kazutora, but that still must have taken a lot of strength on his end. You killed his brother and now someone he considered a close friend…. Kazutora you’re one lucky guy.

So, like I’ve mentioned before, I don’t plan on picking up the manga until the anime is finished but I do follow people on social media who talk about it. And for the longest time I was trying to figure out why people really liked Chifuyu in particular. When we first met him, we knew he was connected to Baji, but I still didn’t understand why his loyalty was so strong. I mean, in my head it was just due to the delinquent code, but the amount of respect this kid had was incredible. But after watching this episode I understand a lot better now. The complete 180 he did after Baji came in to save the day is impressive. I loved the way the two of them first interacted. I would have never guessed that Baji would have been the type of person to go full on nerd and for Chifuyu (the school’s resident delinquent) to be kind enough to help him with the letter. It was just genuinely nice to see. Also, I’d love to know who Baji was writing the letter for – if it’s even important. At the end of the day, I’m just glad the two of them were able to become friends. :^)

It really is such a bummer that things had to end the way that they did. I mean, technically we did change the future. Kazutora’s alive and forgiven and Kisaki doesn’t get his leg up, but at the end of the day Baji’s still dead and can’t eat that Yakisoba with Chifuyu in person. Where do we go from here? Will this be enough to save Akkun and Hina in the future? Or should I fear the worst and expect more tragedy around the corner?

Episode 23

After all that we’ve been through, this was a nice palette cleanser of an episode. But for a minute there, I was about to be real mad that we went through all of Bloody Halloween only for Toman to go under because of a fight over a girl. Detective Hina you had me stressed out there for a hot minute! And Yamagishi didn’t help at all!

And speaking of girls, Takemitchy, you should remember who you’re doing all of this for. It’d be a waste for you to cheat on your girlfriend. You almost got caught with Emma way back when, so you’d think that you’d learn your lesson. Draken would never set you up like that – he knows you care about Hina a lot! Anyways, I’m glad that we didn’t really go down the path of anyone cheating because that would have been too much. Instead, we actually got some pretty heartwarming moments! Takemitchy got invited to Draken’s home and we got to learn more about him. Also, Happy Birthday Emma! I’m glad you enjoy the present Draken got you. He’s so stubborn, but I’m happy to know that he cares a lot about you too 🙂

And in additional to all the moments with Draken and Mikey, we also get to learn a little bit about Mitsuya, Mr. President of the sewing club. What a guy! I’m glad he’s thriving in his high school like. And he custom made Takemitchy’s jacket too – that’s how you know our crybaby hero has made it. I mean, really, from their perspective. He saved Draken from dying and helped Bloody Halloween end in a relatively good outcome. Not the best, but it could have definitely been worse. But… based on the ending of this episode…. there’s definitely going to be one last hurrah before the season ends.

I’m genuinely stressed for the final episode. I think this series is popular enough that it will most likely get a second season, but in the back of my head I worry that it will truly be the last episode. I’m hoping I’m wrong though. I just feel like there’s so much more that we can do! I want to learn more about the other captains. I want Kisaki to get absolutely destroyed. I want to keep watching Draken just be the coolest guy. But at the end of the day, I’m just really looking forward to the next episode. We better finish this season out with a bang! Let’s go all out!


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  1. jerusim

    Are you planning on reading the manga after the last episode?

    And btw I thought Baji-kun wrote that letter for Kazutora😂.

    1. Quietcupcake

      Yeah! I’m hoping to start it after the last episode! Even if they announce a second season I don’t know if I’ll have the patience to wait that long hehe

      I was thinking that too!! I wonder if they’ll tell us later on 😀

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