This week’s episode gave another information dump, a continuation of the previous episode’s revelation. In the previous episode, it was revealed that Riku was created from one of Kirinmaru’s horns that was cut by the Great Demon Dog in their first fight. Riku wasn’t just simply thrown away by Kirinmaru, he also served as a reminder for Kirinmaru of his humiliating at the Great Demon Dog’s hand and every time he saw Riku, he’ll always remember his lack of strength that led to his defeat, which in turn will drove him to continue polishing his strength and skill as a demon. This gave more complexity into Riku’s character, who at first was merely an obedient puppet without free will, yet somehow able to develop his own emotion to the point of betraying Kirinmaru. Despite his betrayal, it doesn’t mean his connection with Kirinmaru was cut off. As long as Riku is a part of Kirinmaru, he’ll always become his eyes and ears whether he like it or not.

This episode also introduced the new pink-haired girl in the OP, Rion, who turned out to be Kirinmaru’s daughter. Out of all father-daughter pair I’ve seen in the series, Rion and Kirinmaru are the only ones who doesn’t have any resemblance whatsoever. Even though they are father and daughter, Rion didn’t seem to agree with whatever her father was doing and willingly helped Towa and the others to gain the sword they’re looking for to defeat her father. From the brief flashback and the way Kirinmaru spoke of Rion, it was clear both used to be close with each other, with Kirinmaru in particular still loved his daughter. The preview mentioned Rion having enough with Kirinmaru’s selfishness, which is why she decided to go against her own father. I presumed it has something to do with Kirinmaru’s obsession in his fight against the Great Demon Dog long ago and fighting against any strong opponents in general were the cause of a rift to be formed between them.

Kirin, Towa’s teacher in modern era, was undoubtedly related to Kirinmaru (his name and hair is a dead giveaway since his debut). When watching season 1, I had a thought that he’s Kirinmaru’s modern reincarnation or Kirinmaru’s future self who somehow managed to survive until modern era. But from the way he referred himself as an anomaly, that didn’t seem to be the case. Riku had thrown away Kirinmaru’s right arm that got cut off into the Bone Eater’s Well that connected to the modern era. From this revelation, it can be assumed that Kirin, like Riku, is a part of Kirinmaru. His existence, however, seemed to have slowly changed the course of history, as the Bone Eater’s Well was gone and even the Shikon Jewel was wiped out from people’s mind. For a second I thought it was just Kagome’s grandpa went senile, until Kirin mentioned about the Bone Eater’s Well. His existence as an anomaly also connected to the Spirit of Tree of Ages, giving me doubt whether the Spirit is an enemy or ally. Maybe Kirin’s condition was the reason why she asked Towa and the others to kill both Kirinmaru and Sesshomaru.

But what made me the happiest from watching this episode was…FINALLY! Setsuna and Towa able to meet Rin, their birth mother! Setsuna has no memory of her mother since she was immediately separated from her after birth. However, she has a vivid memory of Rin’s humming that Setsuna subconsciously remembered and played through her violin, showing that there’s still bond between them as a family, one that’s not so easy to be broken. Even though Setsuna couldn’t remember her, her natural instinct as a daughter sprout a strong desire to save her mother. Honestly though, I’m surprised that Setsuna so readily accepted Rin as her mother while she was dismissive of Towa when they first met. It was quite strange since in both cases, Setsuna didn’t have any memory of them, but react differently.

And then Kirin’s question to the twins: Is there something you wish to protect? Is there something you’re willing to let go? I’m unsure about Setsuna, but in Towa’s case, she’ll most likely have to face the same choice that Kagome faced years ago: Will she choose to live in the Sengoku era or modern era at the end of the series. Kirin’s words sounded like he’s implying that to save the world she’s living, specifically the modern era where she spent most of her life, Towa must also eventually leave the life. Kagome chose to stay with Inuyasha, but what will Towa choose when the time comes? Will she live with the family who raised her or live back in the Sengoku era with her real family and new friends she have made there?

I’m pleased to see that Moroha did more of the saving instead of being a butt of jokes like she usually is. Thanks to Kagome’s blood running in her veins, Moroha was the only one able to safely passed through the barrier and helped both Towa and Setsuna. And as if it was a reward for her hard work, she’s finally able to see her parents whom she had longed to meet despite not having any memory about them. It wasn’t long, but I’m happy for Moroha, Inuyasha, and Kagome as they have finally able to see each other after 14 years of separation.

Rather than answers, I’m having more questions from all these revelations. I hope they won’t waste the episodes with unnecessary fillers and just focus on progressing the plot and balancing the pacing.


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  1. V

    I read somewhere that Yashahime’s not going to get another season continuously like Boruto, so the staff and animators and storyboard directors better get their act together and complete the 3 princess’s tale within this season.
    Honestly, the messy writing and pace of Season 1 makes it hard for me to see Yashahime get more than 2 or 3 seasons.

    1. Kazanova

      Yeah, it’s better that way. If another season means watching another messy pacing, I’d rather the series ends it in this season.

      1. zztop

        I was always under the impression the creators originally wanted to make Yashahime a long-running series just like the 1st Inuyasha anime, and the 1st season was a test run to see if this would work out – a longrunning plot interspersed between demon/adventure of the week stuff.

  2. zztop

    I find it interesting that Yashahime has taken the Great Dog Demon’s living + human form as lore canon, considering Takahashi Rumiko’s original manga only went as far as showing his giant skeleton with little details on his life (leaving the 3rd Inuyasha movie to take up the slack by putting in some original lore + design of its own).

    Rereading the manga again, I always felt Takahashi missed an opportunity to pen an awesome but tragic spinoff covering the past of Inuyasha’s parents – what made the Great Demon fall in love with Izayoi? What did his legal wife, Sesshomaru’s mom, make of it? What of the potential fallout amongst his/her peers?

    Instead Takahashi chose to invest most of her storytelling energy into the Naraku conflict, with Inuyasha’s parents amounting to a mere footnote in what was basically a power-up arc for Inuyasha.

    1. Kazanova

      Yeah. In fact, in Inuyasha, it’s very rare, and I mean extremely rare for Takahashi to show a flashback story of the characters. It reached more than 500 chapters, but why didn’t she use all those times to explore more about the character’s background, and I mean more than just a brief flashback told by other people.

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