I really have no idea what to expect with a Visual Prison episode and this episode once again proves that. There was just so much happening this week, I feel like I was constantly being thrown around, but at the same time I think I thought this was a pretty good episode. Robin’s existence from his entrance all the way to the end just caused absolute chaos. What I thought was going to be an upbeat ‘yay! new friends’ episode really turned into… well… an absolute mess full of drama, but we still got the new friends sprinkled within.

First and foremost, we get Robin’s entrance, which was so much. I felt like I was watching a romance movie. I mean, first they sang a song together then, he jumped out of a tree reaching out to Ange in the most dramatic way possible. Plus, with all the sun rays falling upon him? They really wanted to emphasize that child of god thing. Or perhaps, just to show that he was just going to be a bright light in this world. But after we sing a little song with him, we try to bring him home only to find out that he’s actually no a vampire – which was honestly a huge shock for me. I was definitely expecting him to be a vampire and have the drama stem from that. Ah, but no… he’s just a regular ol’ human. So, naturally it makes sense for them to kick him out of their home. I mean, it’ll protect both you and him.

But the drama seems to surround Robin in this episode as he convinces Ange to go to the Lost Eden concert, not because he is a fan of the band, but it seems that one of their members has some history with him. To put it simply, Jack, the smallest member of Lost Eden is actually Robin’s older twin brother. And when I first heard that, I must admit that I had a little bit of whiplash, because Jack just looks a whole lot younger than everyone else, even considering the immortality of being a vampire. But then we get Jack’s song, which helps to clarify a lot of things. It’s honestly your classic, sibling drama of one side going ‘everyone loves my brother so much more, he’s basically the chosen one and I resent him for that’ with the other side being, ‘I don’t care about this attention, the person I care most about in the world is my brother’. But I still think they pull it off pretty well when they eventually allow the two of them to meet.

Personally, I think I got a little confused at Jack and Robin’s second confrontation after the concert. I really wasn’t sure where the change of heart for Jack happened. As far I was aware Jack was pretty steadfast in his hatred for Robin. But suddenly, when Robin asks to be killed if he can’t be with his brother, that’s when Jack decides to “spare” him with that… uh bite. But hey!! At least we got a solid duet out of it and things seemed to end on a relatively positive note! Though can you imagine what might have been going through Jack’s head when Robin said that he wasn’t going to sing with them? Like, ‘ I just had my heart cracked just to turn you into a vampire…. and you’re not even going to sing with us? ‘? I’d be a little peeved. And even though Robin’s explanation made sense…. still!!

Really, this entire episode was a dramatic whirlwind. But hey! At least Ange has got a second member for Oz on his side! Now we just have to work on the others. So, I’m excited for what vampire drama will come up next week!


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