This week’s episode opened with a parody of Romeo & Juliet (the guy was named Romero and the woman named Julietta). Funnily, the two were depicted as pair with black circles under their eyes like they have severe insomnia (and apparently it’s something they claimed they were born with, but I suspect that they’re some sort of vampires). Similarly to the real Romeo & Juliet, they won’t be able to be together in peace as long as they were there, so Romero and Juliet ran away together. With people hunting them down for being traitors, they hid inside a cave that led them to the titular restaurant when the Master was still in the middle of preparation to open.

For the sake of their own protection, Romero and Julietta decided to become guests and ordered the most expensive foods of the restaurant. Wow, they must be rich to ask for the most expensive stuff. The pair suspected the cow meat they have orderedwould be smelly, so they were shocked when instead Master served them Beefsteak with free bread. I’m very picky when it comes to steak, but when it came to foods in anime, regardless what the type is, it would still look delicious. I felt like eating steak now since it’s rare for me to eat one considering how expensive it’s usually is. After lacking so much sleep, the pair fell asleep until the closing time. By then, their pursuers were nowhere to be found, so they could safely continue their escape. The moment they came out, there were bats flying towards the moon, which further reinforced my belief that Romero and Julietta were vampires. I hope this won’t be the last I see them.

The second part of the episode focused on Adelheid who was visited by Renner, and Shareef (who cutely has a crush on Adelheid in a tusndere way). Receiving a Kaffa bean from Renner and Shareef, Adelheid ordered Cream Puffs that was recommended would go well with it. She ordered two so that she could share it with her maid, Hannah. Adelheid literally said what I thought in last week’s episode: Eating with someone else makes the food taste better than eating alone. YES! Well said, Adelheid!

Coincidently, my mother’s friend gave us plenty of cream puffs to eat yesterday. Although, I’m not that fond of cream puffs, so my mother ate it all. (^w^)

Unlike the previous episodes, while the foods ordered were nice and delicious to see, rather than the foods, I’m more interested in watching the characters’ interaction in this episode. I’m curious of Romero and Julietta’s circumstances. The short but cute tsundere Shareef trying to speak to Adelheid with Renner’s nudging. And the moment between Adelheid and her maid was sweet. I smiled the same way Adelheid did when looking at Hannah got swept by the taste of the cream puff that she forgot her surrounding. She even won’t ask from where Adelheid got the cream puffs as long as it’ll make Adelheid happy. Aww! Best maid!

The next episode would serve Hamburger and Beef Tendon Curry. The hamburger served in the next episode no doubt would be the typical Japanese hamburger served for children that I often see in many anime. I never have Beef Tendon wity curry, so I’m curious how it’ll be. (^_^)


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