This week, unlike most episodes in which the guests were adults, this episode’s main guests were the children Jack and his two friends who were also regulars. Without having to see the menu, all three boys immediately ordered for hamburgers with cola. For village children like themselves, eating the Master’s hamburger equals to luxury meals. And they could buy it at cheap price. While waiting for their orders, the boys finally brought the fact that the restaurant has a lot of demi-humans as customers. This didn’t bother them as they think it means there were lots of demi-humans in the world that they haven’t seen before they can see in the restaurant. Being children, of course they’ll get curious to know about demi-humans, so Jack asked one of the customers, the lizardman.

There’s a problem with the communication, however, as the lizardman couldn’t understand Jack’s question and instead pointed at the omelette rice that he was eating. This brought a comical moment as Jack tried to question again where he came from, only for the demi-human to mistook him asking for his meal. Jack had to use body language to get the lizardman to finally understand what he was trying to ask him. The scene caught the attention of other customers who began to tell where they were living and why they regularly visited the restaurant. When watching the preview of the title, I thought when it said hamburger, it would be the typical hamburger steak that Japanese children loves to eat, but it turned out to be the usual hamburger. Now I feel like ordering a McDonalds set for lunch. (^w^)

Seeing the three boys sure gave a nostalgia of how when we were children we’re able to dream freely of what we want to become. Consequently, having different dreams from your friends means you’ll eventually goes separate ways. However, for Jack and the others, even though they eventually can’t go to the restaurant together like before anymore, they could still meet at the restaurant since the restaurant was connected to other places as well, which made them all the more excited for their journey as they shared the same goal: to find other doors that will lead to Nekoya.

For the second part, Alphonse came late and asked for the usual curry rice. Master, however, suggested for adding another type of curry and asked Alphonse to become the tester. Kuro, being a curry fan, didn’t want to miss the new type of curry and so Alphonse suggested Kuro and Aletta became testers as well. It’s been a while since I saw Alphonse and Kuro spoke like this, I still remembered how Kuro was able to eat her foods without a change as opposed to Alphonse. Dang, the serving of curries made me drooling inside! Green curry, beef tendon curry, and soup curry! I wanna try them too!

When Aletta ate the green curry, my reaction was similar to her when I first ate curry. It’s spicy but so delicious that you couldn’t help but wanting to eat more of it (although, since then, I always ordered the one that is not spicy or the least spicy one)! I think beef tendon curry would be my favorite if I eat it (because I love beef). But curry soup was also good. I usually like to order curry soup for take-away and then eat it at home with red rice. But, as I thought, the winner amongst the three curries was: Beef Tendon Curry! Amongst the three, they all agreed that the said curry was the best. However, Alphonse and Kuro still preferred the usual chicken curry. Both said at the same time that Chicken Curry is the best.

After eating the curries, Alphonse mused he never thought there’d be different types of taste from the same dish. The musing prompted Aletta to ask if there’s other variations of curry in the Master’s world. Obviously, hearing there were still other types of curry made Aletta, Kuro, and Alphonse curious to taste those curries one day and perhaps they’ll find one that would be more delicious than the ones they have eaten. The Master promised to make them one day and when that day come, he’ll ask them to become his tester again. Master, I want to become your tester too! I love seafood curry the best! XD


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