This week starts off on a rather rough note for Tamahiko when an unpleasant letter arrives from his father. He sent him a letter to tell Tamahiko how much of a failure he is, and in order not to tarnish the family’s name and potentially ruin marriage arrangements for his siblings, he will be announced to have died in the accident with his mother and from now on, he is expected to play dead! SHEESH. If it wasn’t already obvious, that guy is a piece of shit. Utter Trash. He belongs in the bin of Trash Dads.

It’s no wonder Tamahiko didn’t have an appetite, didn’t want to get get out of bed and it tormented him so much, it made him physically ill and even thought about how he should die. Thankfully Yuzu was there because he probably would have died from his fever had he been still living alone. He was in no condition to take care of himself, and sadly there’s nobody to check up on him.

But the good thing about this was that while Yuzu’s presence and comfort certainly helped him, ultimately he was the one who made some big steps today. After seeing he had ruined her beloved kimono (looks like he vomited on it, eek!), he wanted to make up for it. The good thing about this is that it gave him a purpose to get out of the house and visit the city again. And that’s a big deal for him, considering it brings back bad memories and it’s  place he’d rather avoid, but he didn’t rush in an out for his own convenience. He saw that Yuzu was excited about it, and didn’t hesitate to spoil her with the things that caught her eyes, such as the two fabrics she liked (why not both he said), and then ice-cream at the department store food hall. Gosh it was it was so cute when she tried to feed him, but some old ladies spoiled the moment because they thought it was “vulgar”!

Speaking of which, we definitely why saw Yuzu’s friends describe to her as a “mom”. She naturally has a very sweet and nurturing personality, and she isn’t flustered when it comes to initiating skinship, bathing him. What I like a lot about her character is how she contrasts Tamaiko’s pessimistic. She is able to take something and turn it into a positive. Of course as she mentioned last week, it’s not as though she doesn’t have moments of her own despair and negativity, but as she wisely put it: It’s mentally a lot easier to think positively than negatively, and she’s right. A fine example of that, although the first kimono she made herself was ruined, in turn she received something new and beautiful: Her first gift from her lover and husband. She hopes to cherish it for the years to come as something special to look back to. Perhaps one day she will pass it down to her daughter, or granddaughter. What a lovely way to look at it.

But perhaps the most positive spin Yuzu managed to make so far was how she actually told her parents to think of her as dead when she was sold off. She didn’t expect to ever see them again, and so figured it’d be better to think that she would be living elsewhere in happiness. Just as Tamahiko said, she certainly has an impressive thought process.

Unfortunately the tranquil days of the two of them living in the villa is about to be interrupted now that Tamahiko’s sister Tamako decided to crash at his place. She certainly left us with a nasty first impression considering she taunted him with how he is being regarded as “dead”, and had the nerve to suggest she’ll just move in. Really girl? Are you that bored? Of course the purpose of her arrival is certainly raising questions considering it’s coinciding with the time of their father is looking over the offers for her hand in marriage. It’s been good few years since I last read this series, so I actually don’t remember the reason haha, so I’ll find out all over again next week!


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