For the first part of this week’s episode, the guests were Lucia and a young man named Emilio who ordered for Scotch Eggs. Amusingly, Emilio was born with pretty face. As the result, he was always mistaken as a girl by others, even received a marriage proposal from some men. I did suspect that Emilio was a guy when I saw the preview last week, but I wasn’t sure and thought he might be a girl. I thought back and forth between him being a girl or guy. (^_^;)

Like all guys who were unfortunate to be born with a girly face and resented it, Emilio decided to go on a journey to become stronger and manlier. His adventure led him to the Lamia Settlement where he met Lucia and she decided to treat him to Nekoya. When they arrived, like people in general, Aletta mistook Emilio as a girl. Sympathizing with Emilio, Lucia offered to become his teacher. Not only Lucia was a Lamia, she’s also one of the strongest ones, capable of transforming into a dragon form. It’s not everyday you could have a powerful Lamia as a teacher, so Emilio was more than willing to take up her offer. And…was it just me, or I’m seeing Lamia gonna fall for Emilio? XD

The second part focused on a treasure hunter named Thomas who was tasked by Eleanor with finding Mont Blanc with a reward of 3,000 silver coins. The payment itself was already ridiculously high, so Thomas was really curious just what kind of dessert Mont Blanc is to be sought after that much. The deceased head maid, Jazelle, was the one who bought Mont Blanc and served it to special guests of the mansion, making the dessert very popular that attracted people to come to find it. Because the trust of the people was at stake, Thomas accepted the job.

Finding the dessert was anything but easy since it’s a dessert from another world. It wasn’t until Thomas questioned the other maids that he finally found the door to Nekoya, which was located at Eleanor’s childhood dressing and toy room. Since it was a dessert that got him paid for 3,000 silvers, Thomas couldn’t help but wanting to try the dessert, and it’s definitely worth it. Ugh…watching him eating the Mont Blanc made me want to eat one since I also love Mont Blanc…if only shops near my home sells Mont Blanc…! GIVE ME ONE! (TT_TT)

Having a taste of wonderful Mont Blanc, Thomas was determined to find other doors that will lead him to Nekoya. Until he found another door, he would hold off reporting his finding because he still want to enjoy the delicious dessert. Kinda feel sorry for Eleanor who was desperate to find the dessert as soon as possible, but I couldn’t blame Thomas either since I know how it feels of wanting to eat more delicious foods. (^w^)

The next episode will have rice burger and pizza as the menu. Yes! The types of foods that I love! Oh yeah!


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