Episode 3

First thing first to clear up: Tamako is not among the siblings for marriage agreements. (And thank god really, because despite how she looks, she is actually only twelve, making her two years younger than Yuzuki!) Boy did that sure slip the memory! (It’s been a long time, okay!)

The reason why Tamako decided to crash at Tamahiko’s place was because she got fed up with being shunned by the girls at school and decided to take time off. This of course angered their father who of course threatened to banish her just as he did with Tamahiko. So in that respect, despite the poor relationship between the two, the one thing they share in common is suffering from loneliness. As result the two of them don’t really know how to properly interact with each other. Upon her arrival, Tamako acted like a true brat with Yuzuki, picking on her despite being younger than her, and didn’t hesitate to make nasty comments and hit Tamahiko where it hurts. As one would expect, Tamahiko didn’t handle it very well and was close to falling back into some old habits of holing himself up in his room, but fortunately Yuzuki was able to persuade him to come out with her.

With Tamako in the house, it makes it rather uncomfortable for Tamahiko, so it was a smart idea for Yuzuki to take him out for a stroll around the area. It was a good way to help him relax and be able to smile again. It was very cute to see

As much as Tamako liked to tease Yuzuki, if there was one thing for certain, she was envious of the warmth Tamahiko spoke of. She was able to experience it for herself, though it was certainly in less than desirable situation. Poor Tamako ended up wetting herself because she was so scared of the storm. Yuzuki said nothing of it, and quickly helped her get washed up. It was thanks to that Tamako realized that this is just who Yuzuki is: a very kind and nurturing person, and to be treated with such warmth is basically unheard of to her. After-all, in their household, it was forbidden to coddle the children from the early age. It’s no wonder that Tamahiko and Tamako suffered from loneliness.

So it was endearing to see the two of them cooking together the next morning. It was even more amusing how Tamako has effectively sought to have alone time with Yuzuki herself, leaving Tamahiko at loss when he is kicked out of the kitchen. This is certainly better than being bitched at it, so I suppose you could say this is one step in the right direction. The relationship between the two is still frayed, but with Yuzuki by their side, she will certainly help them reconnect in a way they failed to do so before.

Episode 4

This week Yuzuki is the one who needs help, and boy did Tamahiko have a rough time. If it weren’t for Tamako being around, it would have been quite difficult for him to manage on his own. He was completely at loss of what to do, and it certainly didn’t help when it felt the universe was reminding him that he is “useless“, even when he was trying to do the best he can to help.

And honestly I understand Tamahiko’s fears. This incident was a cruel reminder of how helpless he can be in this situation. In many respects, he was incredibly lucky that Tamako was with them because she was able to do things that he couldn’t. However it should be noted that with a little bit a problem solving and practice, he can will be able to regain the some independence to empower himself once more. But that won’t happen until he is able to start having some faith in himself. The lack of confidence serves as a roadblock to his initiative of actually making the effort to figure out work-around solutions that works for him. Hopefully his earnest desire to to be the one to make Yuzuki happy, will finally give him the push he needs to start doing that properly.

But another major obstacle Tamahiko must face is dealing with people. That of course goes hand in hand with confidence, but it goes without saying this part is a hell lot more difficult to deal with. That was why Tamako was the one who went in town to find a doctor, because she understood it is difficult for him to interact with others. Unfortunately the doctor and his assistant that came in did not help in that respect whatsoever with the way he accused Tamahiko for being responsible for Yuzuki’s condition. And as frustrating as it was to see him be treated in such a way, (and mainly because of the Shima’s family name), the reason why Tamahiko didn’t counter him was he agreed with the point that he was to blame.

That was why he actually suggested to Yuzuki that they break it off. He didn’t feel like he deserved her, and that he may prevent her from living a happy and more fulfilling life. Of course Yuzuki doesn’t feel that way, and reminded him that she has no intention of parting ways with him.

With Yuzuki out of commission this episode, we didn’t see a whole lot of her this week, but man this girl does not know how to put herself before others. Even when she was sick she was going on about the food she had prepared, and wanted to make sure everything was in order. That’s definitely something she could work on going forward because she needs to take care of herself too!

And goodness did she have a moment when Tamahiko found her clawing her bindings with a bloodied hand. She really didn’t do herself any favors of binding her chest so tightly to the point she couldn’t breathe, much less when she’s sick of all things! Besides her floofy hair, the other thing she is self-conscious about are her breasts. Not just because she is embarrassed by how they don’t match the proportions of her small body, but they also cause her shoulders to ache and such. So she ends up binding them so tight as she does… And gosh, to think she does this on a daily basis!

As for Tamako, I do wonder how she would have responded to this incident if she hadn’t become so attached to Yuzuki. The reason why I say that is because she was surprised by how she didn’t hesitate to step in to take care of Yuzuki when she fell ill. It confused her, but at the same time, it also able to experience what Yuzuki meant when she said her body just moves on its own to help others. And as result of this, Tamako realized she wants to become a doctor.

Admittedly I found this announcement to be rather abrupt, but I suppose it works since it serve as a source of motivation for her to return home so she can go back to school again. That said, it is a bit of a shame to see her go since we’re only starting to see her and Tamahiko gradually getting better with interacting with each other. Hopefully we will be able to see a bit more of that before they part ways again.









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