Oh ho ho, so here we have the lore episode…. Well at least a little bit of it and we get to meet some new characters! And by that, I mean I’m still very lost, but I think I’m enjoying the development so far! I can’t wait for the buildup and the drama, plus I hope Ange can keep his thirst for blood in check.

So, this time around we get to meet Eve, the vampire living along with Guil and by default Ange’s new roommate. This episode he served as the one laying down the information of the Visual Prison as well as just existing in the world as a vampire. Overall, I feel like there is a lot of mystery surrounding him – despite him having a lot of dialogue in this episode, I don’t think we learned any more about him besides his name. However, I do like how they went about explaining the two rules of a vampire and how the shattering of heart happens when they suck the blood of a human, but while that explanation was going on, we were just watching Guil, who is covered in strange marks. So, you can bet I’m excited for that story to come out in the near future. And aside from that, it’s nice to know that in this whole living arrangement Pannya (hands down the best name) gets to live with them too.

We also got to meet Elizabeth, who is quite knowledgeable with vampires and by extension dhampir. I wasn’t expecting him to sing, but I was pleasantly surprised by his song. And I really like the explanation of vampires having their own song. Initially, I songs were just going to be for fighting, but it turns out they are essentially an extension of themselves as vampires. So, it makes the desire to hear Ange’s song much stronger. Another thing I enjoyed with Elizabeth was the visual representation of Ange’s heart. It’s the little things that make this so enjoyable. To actually talk through the crystalized heart and how it allows for vampires to live forever was really interesting. It wasn’t a question that I had, but I’m glad that I know that now! I wonder how that will affect our main character in the future!

Now, circling back to the title of the anime, I’m super excited for the Visual Prison to start. I know we still have some more development and some more characters to meet, but gah!! I just want to hear more of the music and see their costumes!! But I love that there’s also some pretty heavy stakes already established. First, we have Eclipse who are focusing more on protecting humans and we also have Saga’s group who cares about raw strength. And from just a popularity contest standing, they seem to be neck and neck with the audience. But now that Ange’s entered the fray, things are going haywire. Plus! There were some mystery vampires near the end of the episode – Or were they Eclipse and I just couldn’t tell who they were without their eye patches? Things are heating up already.

I’m excited to learn more about our characters in the coming episodes, and if anything, I can’t wait for the ex-Eclipse members to reunite and have to work through their initial break up. There’s definitely some bad blood between everyone right now and I’m excited for the songs they will sing about it.


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