The eighth episode has the girls split up into their own respective adventure after travelling together for so long. The purpose for this separation was so that the girls could develop on their own and by the time they reunited, they’ll become an even stronger group of half-demon princesses. Towa began to travel with Riku and Rion because Zero was targeting her, Setsuna went with her demon slayer group on a big mission, and Moroha got stuck fulfilling Takechiyo’s request to pay her remaining debt.

In Towa’s side, Kirinmaru decided to show himself to his daughter…and I have to say it’s rather shameless of him to casually greeting her like he never wronged her and asked if she hates him. After what he had done, it’s normal for Rion if she resent her own father, especially when he didn’t show any guilt whatsoever in imprisoning his own daughter. Fortunately for Kirinmaru, while Rion couldn’t forgive him for what he had done to her, it’s clear that she still couldn’t bring herself to hate him completely. But seriously, just how selfish he could be? Why Kirinmaru was so fixated in traveling beyond space and time that he would ignore his daughter’s wish and wouldn’t mind even if it means the world’s destruction as long as he get his wish came true?


The episode also revealed that Akuru, the demon that Kirinmaru was looking for to travel through space and time, somehow only visible to certain people. To be precise, only people from Sesshomaru’s clan could see Akuru, or so that’s what Kirinmaru assumed. But if I remember it right, Jaken could also see Akuru in previous episodes, so it doesn’t seem that bloodline played a role in this. Maybe there’s a specific condition in how to see Akuru. Being “favored by the wheel of time” that Rion mentioned seemed to be one of such conditions.

In Setsuna’s side, she and the other demon slayers must deal with bull demons who followed the order of local deity, Mayonaka, to attack the Gokoku Village, that used to be flourished. Seeing the village head’s reaction when questioned why the local deity suddenly ordered for the attack, I suspected another case of humans’ selfishness and foolishness played a role in this mess. And that’s where Setsuna would solve the problem with her naginata. From the preview, the divine object was closely related to Mayonaka’s rampage. And the traitor was from amongst the demon slayers acquainted with Kohaku.

In Moroha’s side, she had to deal with racoon demons, with one of them having personal grudge against Moroha for what her father did to him years ago. I could sympathize with Moroha in this. She did nothing wrong to the said demon, but must accept the guy’s hatred simply because she’s Inuyasha’s daughter. A parent’s sin is NOT the child’s sin, so leave your personal grudge out of this, stupid racoon. Besides, I’m sure that you’re the one at fault for Inuyasha and Kagome to beat you, so the two did nothing wrong in my book. (_ _;)

Unfortunately, the execution of how each girl was doing wasn’t so good because it crammed three different perspectives into one episode. Even if they still continue to the next episode, I think it would have been better if they fully focus on one girl’s adventure for each episode instead of showing all three at the same time in the same episode.


Sure enough, the source of all the troubles coming to the village was none other than the village chief himself. Behind the prosperity of the Gokoku Village was a tragic love story between a human and a god. The treasure that brought richness to the village originally belonged to Mayonaka, who’s actually Mahiruma, the very same god who used to help the village. He used to cherish the village and its people until the village chief and his daughter came. The chief was ordered by the local daimyo to collect taxes and soon became so greedy that he hid Mahiruma’s treasure that he lent to the chief’s daughter, Oharu. Unlike her greedy father, Oharu genuinely wished to save the village and so she prayed every day to Mahiruma’s shrine, hence, prompting Mahiruma to lend her his treasure.

Even when he was disguised as a human, Oharu quickly recognized him and promised to give back his treasure. However, she couldn’t find it no matter how hard she tried, so she decided to abandon the village to be with Mahiruma whom she fell in love with. Unfortunately, she arrived too late at their promised place, causing Mahiruma to believe that she had deceived him and left on a journey. By the time she arrived, she was distraught that Mahiruma left without her. Even after being betrayed by the people he helped, Mayonaka didn’t harbour any grudge against them. He had lost faith in them, but was simply tired to do anything due to the betrayal. What pushed him to attack the village was because he couldn’t let go of his lingering feelings for Oharu, who had passed away, and so his fate was still tied to his treasure.

At least, now, Mayonaka could be together with his long lost love. Even during mission, Setsuna was still bothered by the fact that she couldn’t yet master her naginata, worrying how she could save her mother. In the end, Setsuna was finally able to sever someone’s thread of fate like she has to after worrying how. Although, from what I see, rather than Setsuna truly mastering her naginata and sense the thread of fate of her own will, it’s more that Yukari no Tachikiri responding to Mayonaka’s feeling.

Aahh…tragedy caused by misunderstanding really not good for my heart. To make things worse, even if the treasure was returned to Mayonaka, the village would wither away because the village has used up hundreds of years worth prosperity for their own that they caused the neighbouring villages to wither away. As the result, it was only a matter of time the Gokoku Village also shared the same fate. Damn village chief! Thanks to your greed, you lead the village to its demise! Not only that, you even used your own daughter’s corpse as a yorishiro?! Unbelievable!

I’m honestly shocked to know that the man who mocked Setsuna before was actually Mahiruma’s son with the Oharu, making him a half-human and half-deity. It’s understandable now why he decided to betray to his demon slayer friends. He was simply a son wishing to help his own father and clarified the misunderstanding so that his father wouldn’t think badly of his deceased mother. I revised my opinion about him. He’s the only one who thanked the demon slayers for their job. And Kohaku’s demon slayer friends…they owe Setsuna an apology for calling her a traitor! And even after being accused, she didn’t blame them or anything, she even apologized to them for acting on her own! No, Setsuna! You don’t need to apologize to them! Really!

Last but not the least…

“I can only see you, Lady Towa.”


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