This week, we have Myra and Johan as new guests of Nekoya. After the Knight’s Beff Stew tasting, the stew instantly became popular that Myra’s father was willing to pay 100 silver coins so that he coud learn how to make it. Using up half of their earnings obviously enraged Myra. 100 silver coins are not a small amount of money after all, but Myra’s father brushed off her concern that they could get back their 100 silver coins by selling the stew. Things proven to be as her father expected, they got back their 100 silver coins in merely five days after selling the stew. However, everyone, don’t follow Myra’s father’s example! Money is a serious problem, be sure to discuss things first with your family or friends before using a huge amount of money! And don’t just brush it off like it’s easy to earn more! Not everything always go the way you want! REMEMBER!

Johan, Myra’s friend, was the one who found Nekoya after following our little guests who first remade and brought the Knight’s Beef Stew going into the forest, where he found Nekoya. While surprised with Aletta being a demon, Myra wasn’t the slightest bit worried or scared and instead found Aletta cute, making the demon girl embarrassed yet happy. After her experience being prejudiced against other humans, it must be means a lot for Aletta to receive such compliment. Myra and Johan ordered Macaroni Gratin. I never tasted one, but from the way Myra described, it seemed delicious. I wonder if I can find a restaurant that serves this around my home. And as expected, Myra decided to learn how to make Macaroni Gratin so she could serve it at her family restaurant with Johan willingly became a taste-tester.

In the second part, Fardania and Alice made another appearance. This time, they found a shop that sells fruit jelly made by a witch named Camilla who was a guest of Nekoya and made it the fruit jelly based on her first experience as a guest there. As I expected, knowing that the idea of fruit jelly came from Nekoya, which means came from the Master whom she considered as her rival frustrated her, lamenting that she “lost”” to him again. She got so fired up to win that she asked Camilla to work together with her to make foods that’s even more delicious than Nekoya. Fruit jelly…it’s been a while since I made one. Maybe I should make them after I go back home from work later.

While the dishes in this episode were to my liking, the plot of this episode was so-so. It didn’t give much of an impression to me like the previous episodes. I do like Myra though. I could relate to her anger when her father just used up half of their earnings without discussing things with her, and how she admitted she thought demons were all scary and intimidating, but able to quickly accept that there are good and cute ones too. I’d like to see her again in future episodes.


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