Tamahiko is finally returning to school, and the one to help him do so was none other than his uncle in Kobe!

This was a pretty big deal considering Tamahiko has been sending countless letters to his father, and yet never received any replies. Though let’s be real here, I don’t think any of us expected him to. He literally told him to act like he’s dead, and going to school is anything but the sort. Sheesh.

And honestly thank god they have some other relative to depend on. This is really a result of a positive chain of events, from Tamako and Tamahiko getting on the same page, Tamako finding her dream and left to live with their Uncle and Kobe, and now thanks to her talking about Tamahiko’s wish to return to school, their uncle has offered to step up and support him.

However returning to school really does take a lot of courage for Tamahiko, especially when the first day was not an easy one. It was more or less a rinse and repeat of imeaditely being treated as an outcast due to his crippled arm and his dreadful family name attached to him. Nobody seems to want anything to do with him, nor were they willing to help out despite the fact we did overhear some students point out he should have asked for help. Though honestly it can go both ways, Someone could have asked if he needed assistance, and Tamahiko also could’ve asked someone- but I understand why he didn’t because I mean, he already felt like an outcast as it is. It’s uncomfortable to ask a favor when you’re in such position. The only exception to his classmates was one boy, who also transferred in at the same time: Shiratori Hakaru. He was the only one who willingly approached Tamahiko, and stubbornly stuck around to befriend him. The boy was instantly popular when ‘Shiratori’ came up and announced he is the twin brother of the famous singer Shiratori Kotori. Their classmates were swarming around him, and honestly rather than asking anything about him, they were mainly just asking about his sister.

Hakaru is a pretty amusing guy. He certainly knows how to break the ice, and is also quite proud of himself He thought his drawing was amazing and Tamahiko’s was crap, only to be dragged right back when Tamahiko pointed out that he should get his eyes checked. (I must say I thought Tamahiko did a pretty good job, it was cute! And as Hakaru later points out, Tamahiko sure likes to draw people smiling, which is pretty sweet.)

It was nice to see him talk to Tamahiko about how lying about what’s going on at school to Yuzuki isn’t good, but at the same time he understands why he did it. Instead he turns a negative into a positive by telling him he just needs to make it into the truth, though it appears he has some lies of his own.

And lastly, what I really enjoyed about their conversation was how easily Tamahiko can talk about what he loves about Yuzuki. He doesn’t think twice about it, just says it as it is. He was also quick to admit that he shouldn’t have lied to Yuzuki about how his day went. He did it because he didn’t want to worry her- because let’s face it, it was a real crappy day. The only two silver-linings were the beautiful lunch she prepared for him and Hakaru taking the initiative to talk and get to know him. So Tamahiko certainly got his work cut out for him for turning the lie into truth, but now that he had a buddy who already refers to Tamahiko as a friend, hopefully things will turn out better for him in this school than the last.

Next week, we can definitely see Hakaru trusts Tamahiko enough to actually bring Kotori over to his place. Yuzuki is understandably freaking out because she’s a huge fan of Kotori, so that’s exciting for her. However it seems that Kotori may have asked to come over because she wants to learn more about love, haha, well then I wonder what kind of things Hakaru has told to to make her think this is the perfect place to observe such! Until then, see you next week!


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