The first part of the episode have Fardania who brought an orphaned young female half-elf with her named Alice. Alice is around 30 years old, which is equal to a child for elf age. Alice’s parents were half-elves, but apparently the elf blood in her vein was strong, so Alice was no different from any normal elf. This episode once again slightly tackled on the discrimination towards those with elf blood. Unfortunately for Alice, her strong elf blood made the other villagers to view her as a threat without Alice herself knowing. Therefore, the villagers placed a deception spell to lead Alice astray from their group, leaving her alone in the forest to survive while Alice was oblivious that she has been abandoned.

As Fardania said, those villagers were cruel. She’s only a child, and clearly a good innocent girl at that, but just because her elf blood is stronger, they became afraid of her. They’re far too paranoid for goodnes sake! Didn’t they know that bad things happen precisely because of those paranoia! Fardania knew that returning Alice to the village would spell disaster for the poor girl, so took Alice with her on her journey to become a good cook. I never tried fried burger before, so I’m curious how it taste, so I don’t have any comment about the food.

For the second part, our young chef Sirius just finished eating spagetti with meat sauce and tried to think of a way to replicate the dishes he ate with ingredients that he has back in his world. Fortunately, the Master has an idea. To ensure he got the ingredients right, he has the help of his cook, Jonathan. The way Sirius asked Jonathan to eat a meal with him by holding his hand was a bit funny. If other people saw them, they might misunderstand. XD

The dish for the second part is something I’ve definitely tried: PIZZA! And it’s a pizza with a lot of cheese! Just seeing the pizza already made my stomach growl, Sirius and Jonathan describing the taste threatened me to drool. Jonathan was quick to realize Sirius’ intention, so they took the opportunity to taste more pizza until Jonathan completely memorize the taste so they get the ingredients and the way to make it right. And so, Jonathan became a new regular of Nekoya and looked forward to eat there at the next seventh day.

This week’s episode seemed to be focused on cooks. Fardania aims to be a cook greater than the Master and then recruited Alice to become her partner, while Sirius and Jonathan aimed to cook delicious foods for the sake of their company. Sirius and Jonathan’s part was my favorite, especially the end where together they tried to make pizza and came up with different toppings. Both have different positions, but they were brought together by not only their desire to make the company flourish, also their shared passion for cooking.

The next episode would have Okonomiyaki and Green Tea-Shaved Ice! Totally Japanese cuisine!


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