Man, I’m sure this episode would have been amazing if I actually got to know more about Yuna T. and Wakaba. The intro with the large Vertexes was chilling, and while the two girls were pumping themselves up, we knew it wasn’t going to end well.

Despite all the issues from this extremely rushed arc, this fight by itself was great. The girls went all out and you could feel the dread and helplessness as their bodies slowly degraded as they went up against these monsters. There was no end in sight and in the end Yuna T. did her very best to be a hero and not give in to those negative thoughts, which I think were side effects of the trump card power. Much like what happened with Chikage. Again, their forms are really cool and the actual fight scenes were great. And of course, the OST continues to kill it.

Yuna meeting Yuna T. was interesting and it gave us a different point of view and giving us a good look into Yuna’s psyche at the time she was cursed. I guess that somehow in a deep slumber, the heroes can meet with souls that are housed in the Divine Tree? Yuna T. doesn’t quite get it, and I don’t either and how and why it exactly happens, but okay? At least Togo was able to meet with Gin that way so I’ll allow it. Their conversation was nice, though I don’t think it really added anything. I’m not sure if these meetings will become significant later on.

And with that, NoWaYu’s story is done. Now that I’ve said the few positive things from this episode, I have to again express how disappointing this all was. I really should have felt SOMETHING when Yuna T. died and Wakaba cried over her, not wanting to lose anyone again and being alone. But again, we got a speedrun of this story so I barely feel a thing. Honestly at this point, I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to be feeling. I’m not that invested, which is such a travesty because this story was horrific. Again, if this arc got the season it deserved this easily could have tied with WaSuYu for me. Also one weird thing from this fight was the fact that Yuna T.’s trump card ran out before Wakaba’s. Which doesn’t make a lick of sense since the time limit of these powers is 180 seconds for all of them. They activated their powers at the same time. Again, because these powers were never explained to us I don’t know if the amount of damage or power you use can drain the time faster, but that doesn’t really seem to be the case. So the only thing we can get from this was Yuna T. running her time limit first was just for dramatic purposes. Because…it just doesn’t make sense.

What is the significance of that hoe? I know that in Japanese rituals they use hoes in their ceremonies, so maybe that hoe is special somehow. But whose is it and why does it matter? I’m so confused, very confused.

And surprise, it looks like Mebuki’s story isn’t quite done just yet. It looks like the Sentinels have one last mission, which looks like will tie in with what we watched in the second season. Does it matter at this point, and do I even care? I’m honestly not too sure. I’m sort of leaning on no. In the end, I might just finish this season with double posts as it’s getting real hard to talk about anything since…there’s not too much to talk about. We’ll see.


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    NOTE: The last 4 episodes of this season will be done in two double posts (9&10, 11&12 finale). Thank you for your patience!

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