This week was a bittersweet episode, starting off with wholesome content of Tamahiko really falling into the role as a teacher to the children of the community, and honestly it feels like this is his calling. He is able to teach in a way that is easy to understand and has a knack with getting along with the children as well. But things took a sad turn when Ryo’s little brother Ryotaro announces in the following spring that he will be leaving town to be hired worker in Tokyo.

When he broke the news, it appeared he had hoped Tamahiko would say something to reassure him or to tell him not to go. Although he himself had decided to leave to support the family so Ryo doesn’t have to shoulder the burden on her own, in truth he’s scared of being separated from them and doesn’t really want to go. Tamahiko didn’t know what to say to comfort him because he has been privileged enough to have been born in a household where he didn’t have to work to support his family. So the only thing he could do was try to reassure Ryotaro that even though he will be working and living in Tokyo, he will still be able to see his family when they drop by. He told him to work hard and he will be rewarded for his efforts. That said, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit antsy about the whole thing because the quality of life of the hired workers really depends on the employer and what their job entails. So all we can do is hope for the best.

It was also hard on Ryo to see her brother do this because not only she knows how much he is giving up, but he will also miss him dearly. He was the one who saved her when she attempted to sell herself to make make money. He didn’t want to see her become miserable. This is the reality for many families.  That’s why when Ryo thought about what it’s like to experience happiness after being sold, and seeing Ryotaro have to leave to work, it just goes to remind us that Yuzuki’s was very lucky that it was Tamahiko whom she was sold to wed.

The other sad bit of the episode was how Yuzuki never told Tamahiko about her birthday. Turns out it’s on New Years Eve, which was also the night they first met. Understandably it was kind of difficult to announce at the time, but it is rather unfortunate that the subject was never brought up at any point over the course of the year they spent together. It’s especially sad to see because she went above and beyond for his, and didn’t care to mention her own until now. In the end, the main reason she ended up bringing it up now was because she is fifteen, and that means she can be married at any time.

And since it was been brought up, Tamahiko made it clear that he is not ready to wed anytime soon- and for a good reason too. Right now, he doesn’t feel like he can give her the life she wants, a happy family, a man who can support them. So before they do, he wants to improve himself and become a man who can support Yuzuki and give her the happy and fulfilling life she deserves. That’s why he has sent a request to his father for permission to go back to school so that he can study and find an occupation for himself.

Honestly I admire Tamahiko for taking this initiative and I truly believe this is the best decision he has made so far. There’s no need to rush into marriage, and I’m glad he is looking to take care of himself so he can take care Yuzuki. He has grown a lot in the past year, been dragged out of that shell of his and learned a lot of new things about life and himself. Yuzuki certainly played a big role in helping get to this point, but at the end of the day, Tamahiko got to this point because he found the will and the drive to chase the light at the end of the dark tunnel he’s been trapped in for so long.

And finally, amidst the sadness, the freaking fluff between these two just made me squeal. It was the cutest thing to see him run out and wrap her up in his arms to warm her up! Then that smooth transition to still keeping her snuggled with him to stay warm. And just when the scene couldn’t get even better, when Yuzuki pretty much reaffirmed her love for him and he kissed her to answer her feelings, I FREAKING SQUEALED. AHHHHHHHHHHHH SO SWEET! Now that is one heck of of birthday present ohohohohoho~! Happy birthday Yuzuki!


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