This week the first half unexpectedly showed a mix of customers: Jack and his friends and Tatsugoro together. Jack and his friends, who in the previous episodes decided to go on a journey, finally became adventurers. Unlike how they initially planned, they went on an adventure together instead of going separately. During one of their adventures that involved fighting wraiths, they were saved by Tatsugoro, who recognized them as regulars of Nekoya. Their chance meeting brought them back to Nekoya with Tatsugoro treating the three young adventurers. The realization that Tatsugoro was the famous warrior the three boys have heard a lot excited the boys, prompting Tatsugoro to share his tales while waiting for their dishes.

The dish for the first half was Teriyaki Burger. Before, Tatsugoro had only eatenTeriyaki, while the boys had only eaten normal burger. With the two dishes mixed they’ve never tried mixed together, the four of them ordered for Teriyaki Burger. The taste, as usual, never ceased to disappoing the regulars. And they were even luckier when the Master served them a new kind of Teriyaki Burger that he planned to add to the menu, which replaced the bread with rice, making it all the more tasty. Adding another warmth to the already good atmosphere was the interaction between the three boys and Tatsugoro. The three of them were adventurers and regulars of Nekoya, making it easier for them to hold conversation. The boys admired Tatsugoro and considered him their role model, and Tatsugoro in return began to consider them like his grandsons, and decided that this won’t be the last of them sharing a meal together. Seeing familial moment, even if the characters are not related by blood, was a good sight to see and one I hope to see more in the future.

The second half has a Demon Lord named Latina, having a moment of depression due to her inferiority complex. Her mother was a famous great demon with long seven horns, wide wings, and powerful long tail. Latina, on the other hand, was the exact opposite of her mother. She believed she couldn’t catch up to her mother’s fame and thought other demons who were stronger than her should be the Demon Lord instead. I could understand Latina’s feeling. There were times I felt inferior to others and lowered myself too much, which was not a good thing. As the result, she failed to realize her own worth that was seen by others.

Fortunately, finding Nekoya’s door led her to meet Adelheid, who taught her not to compare herself to others and instead focused the positive sides of her circumstances. Latina would never be her mother as they were both different people, so Latina should do things in her own way instead of fixating on her mother or other demons’ strength and power. When it comes to ruling, it takes more than just strength and power.

The menu for the second part was mocha chocolate parfait… Seriously, just seeing the parfait was enough to make my stomach growled! XD


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