After taking down Enmu on the Mugen train and after a terrifying crash, it seems like all is well while there were some injuries. They were able to take down the demon they were supposed to, and the train passengers were mostly fine. But this arc just had to finish on this last thing.

Akaza’s appearance was very surprising. While watching the movie I really thought it was about to finish or we were just going to move on to the next part of the arc after the whole train situation. Nope! Akaza suddenly appears and seeing his Upper Rank number on his eye, I was like “Oh…shit.” Things suddenly got intense. My popcorn was gone at this point and I wish I had some to nervously eat.

The little bit of knowledge we got from both Enmu and Akaza about the Upper Rank demons is interesting. It sounds like the demons at the top have been there for a very long time now, and Akaza also implies that with him saying that he’s killed many Hashira before. Becoming a Hashira isn’t something that is easy to do so I can’t imagine how many he’s killed and how long he’s been around for. I haven’t seen the PVs for the next season of Demon Slayer as I like to go in mostly blind, but I think we’re going to be meeting another one of the Upper Rank demons so I think we’ll be getting to learn more about their group and about Muzan himself. Hopefully!

Akaza’s appearance, again, was very surprising. There was no build up to it, no hint, nothing. He just shows up out of nowhere, and to this specific area. Why??? This was the main thing going on in my head, why here and why now? I don’t think it was to check up on Enmu, because I really think Muzan didn’t give a single crap about the guy. So why this sudden appearance and this sudden obsession over making Rengoku a demon? It’s not the first time Akaza has tried to recruit people into turning them into a demon, but what’s in it for him? Is it really just the fact that he doesn’t want this strength to go to waste and wither away? I feel like there has to be something ore to it. The fight is intense and Rengoku is giving his all to take Akaza down, but in the end…


I’m going to be completely honest, even after watching this for the second time, I’m still extremely disappointed. I really hadn’t been expecting for Rengoku to die so soon and the reason for my disappointment and my biggest complaint is just that: it was so soon. And I know there are plenty of anime that have characters that stick around for just a little bit of time before they either just disappear from the story or die, and the execution of that is hit or miss. And I think the reason why I’m disappointed so much is because I really liked Rengoku. We only knew him (in the movie) for just a couple hours and that’s it. I did like that they added that anime-only first episode to this TV version because even a little bit more time with Rengoku helps. One, because I like him, and two, so he makes a bigger mark in the story. Just to lose such a great character just like that is infuriating and I feel like he could have stuck around longer. Again, Akaza suddenly showing up out of nowhere still confuses me so I hope there is more to it rather than just a random encounter just because. We might learn something more in the next arc I desperately hope.

After sitting through the credits in the theater and it got all quiet, there was a guy in my row that just said “bruh” and walked out and I felt that.

Though this time I do feel more emotional. The first time I was mainly really angry, and while I still do feel that disappointment I did feel more sad. Just seeing how hard Rengoku fought until the end, trying his best to keep Akaza trapped until the sunlight came out is amazing. Tanjiro’s speech at the end towards Akaza escaping gets me every time, and of course Rengoku’s last words towards Tanjiro and the others. Even though he formally got to know them for…a few hours, he imparted a lot of wisdom and strength onto them. And in the end, he was able to die with that same smile on his face after seeing his mother. He did what his mother wanted him to do, he helped those weaker than him with his own strength. Not just our main cast but all 200 passengers on the train, which honestly is downright amazing. He did so well in the end and dammit it hurts. Again, such a cool character, taken away from us way too soon. I’m still salty.

One last major thing I want to mention from this last episode was Inosuke. I already mentioned my growing fondness for him, but this was the moment where I really realized his growth. It was a short moment, and he handled it in his own brash Inosuke way, but it was still heartfelt. Of all the characters, I didn’t expect Inosuke to give the assuring pep talk. I can completely understand Tanjiro’s helplessness, seeing as how he knew that he didn’t stand a chance to help out in the fight. Reality hit him in the face: He’s nowhere close to where he wants to be. He wants to reach Muzan, but how can he do that when he knows in his heart he wouldn’t stand a chance in front an Upper Rank demon? It’s a crushing realization and it’s understandable that he would feel so helpless. Inosuke crying is one thing, but for him to try his best to cheer Tanjiro up and push him to take Rengoku’s words to heart positively is pretty huge. Again, before Inosuke wasn’t this much of an emotional person (other than aggressiveness), and he was pretty selfish. He only cared about himself and his own strength, and while he won’t say it, he considers Tanjiro and the others his friends. And just like the others, he really looked up to Rengoku and cared about him as well. It was a very bittersweet moment because of that, and I’m looking forward to Inosuke growing even more.


This was a your typical Demon Slayer. Some funny moments, demons, lots of amazing action, and LiSA supplying great OP and ED themes. I don’t think this arc was anything amazing or extraordinary, but it was still pretty good. Maybe some unnecessary comedic moments at certain points, but it was still a really entertaining watch. Again, I really appreciate that very first episode. While it was filler, it was still a good one that let us get to spend more time with Rengoku and give us a proper build up to the Mugen train mission.

Great music, great action, great voice acting, great music, it was just a complete package. My disappointment with Rengoku’s death is still there and I hope the plot reveals why Akaza randomly appeared, and that kind of affects my score. But hey, this was a good arc and you’ll have a good time with it. It still feels like your standard Demon Slayer though, so my score for this particular arc will just be a 8/10, the same I gave the anime. Demon Slayer is great, but I’m still waiting for it to really blow my mind. I don’t have much else to say about this arc other than what I already did say, but I’m looking forward to the next arc! It was fun revisiting this again but I’m ready to finally see the story move on!

Always with a smile on his face. T_T


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  1. Kazanova

    You’re not the only one think that Rengoku died too soon. He’s an amazing character and I’d love to see him more. If it’s how he’s going to end, they could’ve made Rengoku appear sooner, giving him more appearances before his death. I miss him. (TT_TT)
    With the end of the TV version Mugen Train Arc, finally we’re gonna move to the Red Light District Arc. I’m looking forward to see Tengen in action! (^_^)

    You’re going to cover the next arc too?

    1. Berry

      Yeah he’s so great and I feel like he could have stuck around much longer. It just happened too quick so it feels like a huge letdown and I wouldn’t say a total waste of his character, but a lost opportunity for something more.

      And yes, I will definitely cover the next arc for sure! I’m excited for it!

  2. V.

    I thought Akaza was sent as insurance to ensure that Tanjiro gets killed? This whole attack by Enmu began anyway when Muzan slaughtered the lower moons and instructed the surviving Enmu to specifically make sure to kill Tanjiro.
    Akaza seems to have stepped in once he realized Enmu failed. His first action was to attempt an attack on Tanjiro but then Rengoku perked his interest when he failed to kill Tanjiro.
    Demons don’t work together and are selfish beings wanting to have all the glory to get Muzan’s attention so Akaza wouldn’t have shown up and assisted Enmu.

    1. Berry

      That’s a good point, it’s been a bit since I watched the first season so I forgot that detail. His appearance makes more sense.

  3. Thong Do

    I find Inosuke reaction very childish…and that the point. He is a child emotionally, been raise by boars in the wild after all. For most of his life, kill and been killed is just a part of nature. THis probably teh first time he experience lost and he clearly trying to proceed his grief.

    1. Berry

      Oh for sure, he reacted in the way that he knows and it was very childish. He lived alone for so long and like you said, he’s still trying to process everything and is reacting the only way he knows how. But it says a lot that he went out of his way to worry about Tanjiro and cheer him up, which is not something he would have done before.

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