Episode 7

Ah! What an interesting episode! We get to see LOST EDEN from a much different perspective. Namely, we get to learn more about Mist and his past, but we also get to see a Saga who isn’t consistently seething in rage. But all around, this episode seemed to be a lot tamer than what we’ve seen previously, but has at least given us a glimpse into the rival group.

This time Ange infiltrates the enemy by becoming a temp to help out with LOST EDEN’s concert. I’m honestly really impressed that they (save for Mist) were so willing to let him help out… and for the most part there really wasn’t any trouble at all. I get that Ange wants to help Saga and Guil make up, but I don’t really know if he learned anything that would help his goal in this episode. It really was just a very heavy Mist focus.

And speaking of Mist (my apologies in advance), in my humble opinion I prefer his casual wear more than his stage costume, and I also he’s probably my least favorite in the cast so far. Now, I think that is primarily due to his infatuation with Saga. Don’t get me wrong, Mist’s song in this episode was basically a love ballad to Saga, but I feel like this whole episode can be summed up as: Mist saying he’ll do anything for Master Saga and will give him his everything, followed by Saga essentially brushing him off and telling him to stop calling him Master. To me, it just feels like Mist doesn’t have any motivators besides Saga. I kind of wish there was even more depth to him.

Now that being said, his back story is pretty sad, but I don’t think it hit me as much as some of the other characters. Mist had a lot of money and was essentially on his death bed. Saga comes to take the money, but for the purpose of building up a new country. At first this seems absurd, but as time goes on Mist just falls head over heels for the idea and Saga. And I’ll admit the emotional scene on the rooftop, followed by the jump, confession, AND Bite???? That was very good and really played up the drama. And it really comes together when the two of them duet later on during the outage in their show.

All around, I wouldn’t say that this episode was bad, I’ve just come to expect so much more from this series. In the last episode we genuinely had a big singing battle between two groups and plenty of drama to share, but this episode just felt really tame from what we’ve seen so far. Sure! We have Ange sneaking into enemy territory and LOST EDEN putting on a secret show to take over the world, but I was kind of hoping for something a little more grand. Though, I will admit, it was nice to see a different side of Saga in this episode. He was much kinder than we’ve seen him previously (given that Guil wasn’t involved), so it was pleasant to see that he is a carrying guy rather than just consistently angry. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Episode 8

AAAAAAA This episode was so much fun!! We get all the boys from Eclipse, LOST EDEN, and OZ together for a recording trip and then thing go downhill from there thanks to some ketchup on a burger. But hey! At least we get to have a good time watching all the characters have a bad time.

Alright, so while we didn’t really advance the plot of this anime (aside from a couple of tidbits of information) this episode let us learn a little bit more about vampires and have everyone come together to work towards a common goal. Except, only a couple of groups actually ended up working together. Robin and Jack were able to use modern technology to get out, and at the very least Saga and Dimitri worked together to kick open all bathroom stalls. Otherwise, Beth was just fuming, Mist didn’t want to work with Guil and when they all came together Guil kept trying to go find Ange on his own and because Guil and Saga were in the same room together there was tension. But it was hilariously broken with nyas. So, good job making the fiercest character adorable.

And I just want to say, I absolutely loved Carmilla. She was so much fun in her chaos causing. I don’t think she did anything inherently harmful, but instead she was just having the time of her life. After all, Eve doesn’t even eat that much so who knows when she’ll wake up again? I liked how she wasn’t a complete surprise to a lot of the older vampires and that she was able to tie in nicely to the story as well. She was a vampire princess (the one and only) who has been around for a very long time and the last time caused chaos by turning everyone into their true ages, but also won the visual prison. So, she had fun while everyone else had to go and hide. But we also have another connection to Eve as she was the last vampire he had tried to kill from his story. You know, just before he had his breakdown and realization that all vampires weren’t evil.

This episode can really just be summed up as a whole bundle of fun. I was expecting absolutely none of this and yet was still incredibly happy with what we got. Plus, during the ending we got to see all the groups bonding and having fun together :^) It just really makes me smile whenever we have rival groups, who on a regular basis might go after each other’s throats, come together, and have some good fun together.

Likely, this was the fun before the storm, I have a feeling we’ll dive even deeper into the mystery that is the Visual Prison in the coming weeks. At this point I think the only backstories we haven’t heard are Saga, Dimitri, and Hyde, but I have a feeling that’s just going to be even more og Eclipse drama and there is plenty of room for that. Hoo hoo hoo I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next week!


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