OH YEAAAAHHHH! IT FINALLY HAPPENED! ADELHEID AND SHAREEF ARE OFFICIALLY A COUPLE NOW! I thought the love story between Shareef and Adelheid would be a slow one and them becoming a couple won’t be any time soon. In fact, I thought Shareef’s feeling would be one-sided for a long time. This episode was a wonderful surprise! Oh, I’m so happy for the two of them! This episode truly made a romance fan into squealing with glee!

Both Adelheid and Shareef were so cute! The mere mention of Adelheid’s father, Wolfgang, visiting the Land of Sand instantly made Adelheid thought of Shareef to the point of blushing! And then Shareef came into the restaurant in a hurry and immediately looked for Adelheid and nervously waiting for her to come. If his sister didn’t calm him, he might embarrass himself in front of the other guests. Everyone could see that he’s behaving strangely, especially Aletta who was worried that something might happen between him and Adelheid. Once Adelheid arrived, he threw the bomb by directly proposing to her in front of everyone who were as much shocked as I am. Of course, everybody congratulated the two couple and held a party at the restaurant as celebration. My cheeks hurt from smiling too much. Seeing Adelheid and Shareef having their lovely moment without a care about the attention they got was so…! I know you two are happy, but get a room! (^////^)

While Adelheid and Shareef’s countries in the process of making their alliance, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom and one of the regulars known as “Carbonara”, tried to investigate what happened between the two said countries into making an alliance. The Kingdom was prepared to go to war and was worried with the two countries’ alliance means a threat for the kingdom. Therefore, Carbonara was asked for advice. Good thing the king wasn’t stupid. It’s not good to jump to conclusion without making sure of what really happened.

Because the restaurant was full, he had to share a sit with other regulars. Sharing sit with them and eating the same Quiche allowed him to make connection with the other regulars who each came from different countries and gave him the idea to distribute each other’s nation’s specialty to other countries to advance the dietary culture, opening a possible friendly relationship with other countries. Witnessing Shareef and Adelheid’s confession of love made Carbonara realized that there’s no need to deploy armies to war as Shareef and Adelheid’s countries were simply wishing for peaceful relationship. The King made the right decision to ask for Carbonara’s opinion first. Had he just deployed the army and declared war right away, it could’ve ruined Shareef and Adelheid’s happiness.

It’s obvious the episode showed other regulars gathering together to celebrate Adelheid and Shareef’s union. Although, I would’ve preferred it if the episode fully focused on Adelheid and Shareef, showing more how they feel for each other and dying to know each other’s feelings. That’ll give more impact to Shareef’s proposal. I hope the next episode I would be able to see the continuation of Shareef and Adelheid’s romance even if it’s just a bit.


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