Ahhhhhh !!!!! Yaguchi!!! You did it!!! I’m so proud of you!! This was such a lovely final episode, I’m feeling so many emotions, but overall, I’m just really happy by how it all turned out! With the stress of the second exam, I was on the edge of my seat for the whole episode, but I’m glad that we got a relatively happy ending. This episode really hit the spot!

Where do I even start? So much happened in this episode. I guess it’s best to start at the beginning as we wrap up the rest of the exam. Yaguchi is still feeling the pressure of essentially missing out on day one, but he still doesn’t give up on his piece. He continues to fight until the end and even alters his theme along the way. Last week he was dealing with the concept of naked = the true self, which wasn’t as strong as he had hoped. And yet, this week he continues to work with that theme as to not start over and instead attacks it from a different perspective focusing more the unreliability of that thought. It’s an interesting approach and he really committed it!

And I’m really happy that Yotasuke acknowledged Yaguchi’s growth. It was an important comment at a critical time which really just elevated the episode. “You went and got better in the short time I wasn’t looking”. I’ll be honest, I had to pause the episode at that moment to let it sink in. I just love exchanges between the two of them how they don’t necessarily appear to be friends, but at the same time, they just happen to be there and say the right things to each other. I just really enjoy their dynamic and I’m happy that we will get more in the future!

Because they both passed the exam!! I’m so proud of both of them and I’m glad that they will get to be University student’s together in April. I can’t wait to watch them push each other further in their art journeys and maybe they’ll be able to say that they are truly friends one day. I loved that Yota was blunt all the way until the end. He knew that he was going to pass and doesn’t act surprised at the results. But the joy on Yaguchi’s face when he found out they both passed? Ah, that was priceless. I’m so excited for them.

Speaking of passing the exam, I’m really surprised that Maki didn’t pass. Or rather, I’m bummed that she didn’t make it in. Early on there was the rumor about whoever got first in cram school wouldn’t pass the exam and it turns out to be true. But it was nice to see her get so emotional after the concert. Before she seemed so happy-go-lucky, but this was still a big hit on her. And while I can’t speak as to why she didn’t pass, there was a comment about believing in the art that came later in the episode. Part of me thinks that was indirectly targeted towards her. While Maki is good at art, she has doubt in her abilities due to being in the shadow of her sister and that is constantly looming over her. I really hope that when the next exam season comes around, she’ll be able to join everyone again!

Ahhh, this was just a really nice ending to the season. There were definitely some rough patches in this anime, but I really think things tied nicely together at the end. And I’m hoping for a season 2 because I really want Yatora and Mori to meet again!! Thank you, Blue Period for this ride, I had a great time and I can’t wait experience more of the series in the future!

Final Impression

Blue Period is a beautiful and wonderful series that takes a look into the life of an aspiring artist and their experience in that world. This anime had a tall order going into to the season. The source manga is incredibly vibrant and already visually stunning. But at the end of the day, I’m pretty satisfied with what we received.

I think I have a pretty unique perspective because I’ve only read the first 3 volumes of the 5 that are currently available in English (I still cannot for the life of me find a copy of volume 4 at any bookstore near me). So, for the first half of this season I had the manga to fall back on and influence my expectations. I’ll be blunt. The anime didn’t live up to my expectations. But at the same time as we were entering the content that I haven’t had a chance to read yet, it actually made me much more excited. Everything was fresh and new and I was rooting for Yatora along the way. Plus, I’m so excited to experience it all again when I get the opportunity to read it in the manga.

I may be biased. I adore this series. I love the art, I love the story it tells, and a love the characters and how they interact with one another. Stories of people trying new things and dedicating their entire life to it are not new, but I really loved the Blue Period  handled it. Yaguchi Yatora is what many would call a model student. He’s has good grades and a great group of friends. All around it look like his life is going according to plan. And yet, there seems to be something different. He’s not a prodigy – he’s just a hard worker who puts in the time and effort to reach where he’s at. He goes with the flow and can’t really convey his feelings to others. Enter art. At first, Yatora has the same perspective that art is not a money-making venture and it’s pointless to try to pursue it. But as he gets inspired, he changes that perspective as it’s the one thing that helps him do what he couldn’t before. I love the deep reflections and conversations that come out of the characters and their interactions.

And the characters are really enjoyable to watch. They all have their own motivations and unique personalities playing off of each other. On his own Yatora is your typical protagonist dealing with the feelings of not being good enough, but always wanting to show off what he can do. He truly wants to ‘kill people with [his] art’. And it drives him further and further into his journey. We have Ryuji Ayukawa (Yuka). At the beginning of the series the two of them don’t get along, but as the anime and story continue, they get to learn more and more about each other. Personally, I think that conversations between the two of them hit the hardest. (I mean, when you run away from home, then spend the next morning drawing yourself naked, it can really change you as a person). Then there is Yota, someone who is much harsher with his words, but seems to be an incredible driving force for Yatora. They constantly dance the line of ‘are they friends? rivals?’ it’s hard to tell. But ultimately, I think the two of them meeting is a good thing. Every person that Yatora meets along the way has some influence on him, but they also show different perspectives in the art world. We have people doing it for fun, people doing it for money, and people doing just because it runs in the family. Art is diverse and so are the people creating it.

I’m also really happy how most people in this series treat Yatora’s passion and desire to create art as a genuinely good thing. So often it seems that pursuing an artistic passion is something that should be seen as a side gig and a waste of time in terms of a person’s future. But this series does a great job encouraging the characters in many different ways. We have Yatora’s mom, who really doesn’t understand art as a whole, but she supports her son and wants the best for him. Saeki and Ooba are great examples of people who went to art college and found their own kind of success. They are teachers, but they enjoy what they do – they enjoy experiencing and talking about art. We have Yatora’s friends, who are- seen a little bit more like a ‘delinquent / troublemaker- but-all-around-good-kids’ really support the dreams that they have. Not only with the decision to pursue art, but also to become a pastry chef. When they realize these dreams are serious, they rally behind their friends with support, and it really brings a smile to my face. Even in the case of Maki’s friend who was hospitalized. They take the approach that, going to art school isn’t the only path that you can take. In fact, there are many other avenues you can pursue art with. And they don’t frame the character as a failure, but just someone who is looking out for themselves and making a decision that may be better for them.

And on the flip side of that, I do also appreciate that they include some snide comments by non-artists. They aren’t comments that make anyone feel good, but they are a reality for people entering that sphere. A couple of examples include Yatora’s teacher. Pretty much every time we see him, he’s making a comment that choosing art is not the best decision. That they could apply themselves to so much more and not “waste” their time on art. And even in the end, I don’t think he fully came around, but I also think that in his perspective he didn’t do anything wrong. That’s just what a lot of people think. Then on the flip side you have Yuka’s parents who are much more actively disapproving of that choice (they are really disproving of a lot more, but art is just one reason they are so vicious to them). And that’s a reality that many people face. Even Yatora’s mom in the beginning was much more disapproving than she was in the end, but she was able to come around and support him in the end.

I can talk on and on about the things that I adore about the series. And the anime is able to catch some of this spirit. Would you believe me if I told you that the manga feels even more alive? Please, please if you enjoyed the anime, I strongly encourage you to pick up the manga. And if you’re checking this out as a manga reader, I ask that you give this anime a chance. They both have great things going for them and I enjoy both.

At the end of the day, I’m just really happy that this anime was able to introduce more people to the series. If there is a second season (and I hope there will be), I will definitely be watching it!

So, to give this a final rating it would be 7.75 / 10. There were bumps and rough patches along the way, but overall, I found this series to be incredibly enjoyable. It’s honestly something that I would consider re-watching again in the future despite the shortcomings that I saw within it. I just enjoy the story much and I’m so incredibly thankful that we got to see it animated. Thank you, Blue Period, for the experience!


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