Twists are not uncommon in this anime; they seem to be around every nook and cranny. There’s always something to keep you on your toes. I… was not expecting Guil to be the vampire parent to Ange as opposed to Yutaka and now there’s a lot to think about. But the fool just had to go into a coma before any happy resolutions, so this episode really hit on all the sad emotions.

I was really hoping that we would at least make it to the Visual Prison before anything happened to Guil. Yeah, there could have been the dramatic buildup of him losing his hand or the cracks in his body getting worse. I would have liked a little more tease with it rather than just *poof* he’s gone the episode after he shared the information with the other members of OZ. Talk about bad timing, Guil. But on the flip side we do get to learn some more information about Ange’s parents that we didn’t already know. Namely, that Yutaka was 100% a human even until his death. I was honestly expecting Yutaka to have been bitten at one point for the two of them to continue making music together, but I alas that idea has long passed. Ange instead is a dhampir because Guil bit his mother and she doesn’t have the ability to become a vampire, so instead the blood travelled to him. I mean all around, I we were expecting a vampire to fall in love with a human, it’s just… Guil fell for Yutaka and as a result bit his wife. When I type it out, it really sounds confusing, but it makes sense I promise!

Can you imagine the absolute regret Ange is feeling right now? He comes home from his trip in the mountains with ECLIPSE and declares that he wants to be a full-fledged vampire to stay and sing with Guil forever. Guil obliges and bites him but shortly after his arm shatters and he collapses. With just that information, you can at least convince yourself that it is not your fault that Guil is currently in a coma. However, the added information by Robin and Eve? Boy, that hit the nail right in the coffin. They essentially told him ‘He didn’t have much strength left, and the end was coming anyways. Plus, if you said you wanted to become a vampire, he would use his remaining strength to turn you.’ After that, I can’t blame Ange for thinking this whole thing is his fault. But he still has to keep his promise and quite frankly, everyone is sad now.

Okay… maybe not everyone is sad, but everyone is affected by this development. For one, Ange sings the same song every night and all the others have to hear his sadness. Jack, for one is more just irritated by the whole situation. Elizabeth has to deal with them trying to still save Guil. Dimitri and Hyde are more just hanging out in the background. And Mist is generally down because Saga is also going through it emotionally. But I was actually pleasantly surprised that Saga was the one to approach Ange and sing for Guil. And what a song that was! We all know that Saga has emotions tied to Guil, but they really came out this week.

And that’s not even the end of it! Next week will probably be heavily focused on Saga and Ange talking so I can’t wait to see that dynamic! I hope we get a good chunk of time learning about Saga, because I just want to know more about him! But also, I want Guild to be okay!! How do we only have 2 episodes left??


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