What happens when you send a group of young boys on a mission in the entertainment district? Weirdly entertaining moments. I always forget that Tanjiro is just a simple country boy, and Inosuke literally just lived on the mountains. So neither of them really know what an entertainment/red light district really is, and I’m surprised that we didn’t get a scene where they asked a bunch of questions. Either way, they were in for a ride when they arrived in the Yoshiwara District.

Seeing some reactions to this episode, I’m not surprised by it. For people it was a mixed bag, mainly because of the comedy that is always either a hit or miss in this series. I’ve always had issues with the comedy, sometimes it would butt in into moments that didn’t need it, or it was just simply not funny to me. I know the whole yelling thing is very commonplace in shounen manga/anime and I’ve accepted that this is just the comedy type in Demon Slayer, and I really do like Zenitsu, but his over the top reactions really can get grating. It’s not bad if it happens here and there, but I do get a little tired when it happens over and over and they usually last for longer than they should. There were still some pretty funny moments with him, some of his interactions with Uzui were pretty funny, but also repetitive with the whole jealousy of his wives. I get that Zenitsu is mostly the comedic bone of this team/show but I wish they could downplay it a little bit more.

Even so, this episode was pretty entertaining. The plot didn’t really move all that much in this episode as, again, it was mostly a set up for whatever this season is going to give us. Based on the ending, it seems like we’ll get into the action soon.

With their mission in the Yoshiwara Entertainment District, Uzui reveals to Team Tanjiro that he tried looking for a demon as this would be the perfect environment for one. Not being able to get much info himself as a customer, he sent his three wives into three particular houses to gain some intel. He’s sending the boys into those houses so they can find his wives and get information out of them. And so, Uzui wanting to bring girls with him makes much more sense as the boys now have to dress and disguise themselves as girls. And my god they looked horrible. Uzui sure likes to look flashy and attractive himself, but he did a terrible job with their makeup. It was hilariously awful, and most of the jokes that I laughed at were the boys trying to get used to being girls and not messing up their disguises, and the fact that none of the owners of the brothels could figure out that they were actually boys. Normally the owners would look the girls over before hiring them, but I guess we’ll just ignore that. Tanjiro can pull it off because he can act more feminine if he wanted to, though he regressed to his regular voice. Tanjiro is just cute basically. The fact that he can’t lie with a straight face is hilarious as well. Zenitsu…well, he has talent. And I find it hilarious that Inosuke didn’t really need that clown makeup because he’s naturally a pretty boy and all he really needed was some light lipstick. Of course with how gruff his voice is, he can’t even talk. Honestly, I’m shocked that out of all the guys, he didn’t make any complaints about this mission. He does complain about the clothes and not being able to speak, but he is taking things seriously. Especially when he hears about Makio, he’s ready to make his move.

Uzui on the other hand is still scouting things out in the district but it continues to be quiet. With how crafty she is, it looks like we really are dealing with another Upper Rank demon. And with what happened with Rengoku recently, that makes things really nerve wracking. Rengoku was already really strong, and I’m guessing that Uzui would be the same level of strength. And just four months of training I don’t think is enough to aid Uzui in a fight with an Upper Rank demon, so that is a scary thought. And like in the end with Makio, for her to threaten Makio during the day without her presence being known should say a lot.

While this episode had its ups and downs when it came to the comedy elements, I still had a good time with this one. This setting is really different than what I expected so I’m excited to see what will happen in this arc. How long will the boys last in these houses before their identities are found out, and before the demon finds them? We’ll see!


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  1. Kazanova

    I have to agree about Zenitsu. There are times his penchant for screaming out of jealousy or complaining this and that are absolutely annoying than funny. But I don’t really mind with this time. Although, I think it should’ve been fine that they still add “Not Possible” text commentary when Zenitsu declared he will become the best Oiran in Yoshiwara. XD

    I’m actually confused why Uzui bothered to do make up for Inosuke. One look at his face should be enough to know that he’ll definitely pass off as a girl. Inosuke being so serious, I presumed to be partially due to Rengoku’s death. Don’t wanna experience the same thing again for the second time. Tanjiro…rather than being “feminine”, I think it’s more because he’s so polite and sincere that you couldn’t help but return his kindness in return. If I’m a boss and have such a diligent worker under me, I’ll definitely treat them well.

    I’m 100% sure that Yoshiwara is a real-life red-light district, so why the subtitle is entertainment district? The two are different.

    1. Berry

      I guess when someone says entertainment district, you can sort of have an idea what they’re talking about. Though yeah I’m not sure why they won’t say red-light district.

      It’s funny that Inosuke is being more mature about things than Zenitsu, considering Inosuke has never been in a place like this. Or really, any place that has a lot of people. He was getting sensory overload with the place at first, so I’m glad he’s taking things seriously. I’d like to think he’s grown because of Rengoku.
      Tanjiro is just too sweet for his own good.

      1. zztop

        There was a legit entertainment district further south from Yoshiwara; Asakusa’s Rokku district. Full of theatres, cinemas, cabaret clubs, etc.

        Unfortunately the place has also declined into a quiet neighbourhood, esp. after attention turned to the new entertainment areas in west Tokyo like Shinjuku.

  2. zztop

    In case you wondered, Yoshiwara still sort of exists today.

    It corresponds to today’s Senzoku-4-Chome neighbourhood in modern Tokyo, but does not openly advertise itself under the Yoshiwara name, is not as flashily obvious as today’s redlight areas like Kabukicho and has very little of its historical structures left (owing to events like the Great Earthquake of 1923 and wartime bombing of Tokyo by the USA in the 1940s). https://www.oldtokyo.com/yoshiwara-tokyo/

    Today it looks a lot like a regular Tokyo city neighbourhood, save for the many soaplands replacing the old brothels (outright prostitution was banned in 1956). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkoUBVeKJVg

    1. Berry

      Ooh thanks for the link to the video, that should be an interesting watch!

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