Remember how Godwin was preaching at Yusei about keeping the battle in Satellite? Well, so much for that huh, because two Dark Signers decided to make their debut at the exact same place and at the same time, wrecking havoc across the city and sucking up people’s souls to summon Earthbound Immortals Ccarayhua and Aslla Piscu. Well I suppose you have to thank Divine for that considering his headquarters is located in the City and that’s where Aki has been living. After-all, that’s the only reason why the Dark Signers showed up there in the first place. But boy, it was certainly hella creepy to see both of them surrounding and peering into the headquarters like that.

And you know when I said Carly died and wouldn’t be able to share any dirt? HAHA! Well, she was dead for 0.2 seconds before being revived by the power of Darkness to inflict revenge against Divine. Oh, so sweet revenge, and looking better than ever. Honestly Carly freaking rocks that Dark Signer looks. Her Fortune Fortune Fairies’ fresh new designs are also much better than the originals (which were cute, but these design are so much better). It was rather pleasing to see seeing Divine tremble in fear and get a taste of his own medicine by tenfold by the one he shamelessly murdered. Though I’m not gonna lie, it was rather poetic to see him fall like that. That said, we didn’t actually see whether he’s truly dead or not. He did allude that he is able to use his psychic powers outside of duels, which may contribute to his survival. Otherwise, it’d be pretty hard to see him survive that, but I digress.

Yet despite how we feel about Divine, this is all terribly sad because once this is all done and over-with, Carly regains her consciousnesses again and she is horrified to see what she has done. And honestly it choked me up to see her distress of learning she had in-fact died and was brought back to life only to fulfill her “destiny” as a Dark Signer and was responsible for potentially killing Divine and destruction to the city. Of course she wanted to live, but not like this!

To make it all the more heart-wrenching, when Jack went into the building to rescue Aki he came across Carly’s broken glasses. That threw him into a state of panic, almost forgetting that he was there looking for Aki in the first place, but thankfully he did find her and was able to get her out before the building collapsed further.

But Carly wasn’t the only Dark Signer to appear in the City. Misty who had been waiting for Carly’s awakening has now officially challenge Aki to a duel. She too had been saved by the power of Darkness, and with her thirst for revenge against the Black Rose Witch and Divine’s organization, she was the perfect candidate to be entrusted with the mission to kill the Crimson Dragon’s Black Rose.

This made it Aki’s first personal encounter with a Dark Signer, so unlike the others, she didn’t have the knowledge that has been shared between the others who have been in contact. But the lack of knowledge wasn’t so much of an issue here as the psychic powers on both sides of the field wasn’t as prevalent as they were in the other duels we have seen. Instead, Aki’s crisis was more psychologically driven that didn’t hit right away. Misty carefully planted the seeds and then trickled out the information about her brother. It started off with being told Misty is out for revenge and intends to kill her, then Misty starts talking about how instead of using her power for good, Aki keeps being destructive to protect herself, and she doesn’t care how many people she hurts, and she makes them hopeless in the process. Misty claims she is responsible for doing that to her brother, her looked up to her, and that she was the one to have killed him. Hearing such a thing only made Aki who was already lost and confused even more disturbed because while she certainly has hurt people, regardless what she says, certainly doesn’t intend to actually kill them. And if that wasn’t enough to trigger a mental breakdown, she witnesses Divine falling to his death.

And with Divine gone, Aki doesn’t have anyone, so thank god Jack was there on time to retrieve her when the building was at the verge of collapse, because Yanagi and Himuro really couldn’t do it since they were prioritizing the twins safety. But if there’s one silver-lining in all of this, and that is Aki will finally have the chance to be grouped up with everyone else, though we’ll see how she copes with it. And honestly, we can all agree she desperately needed to be separated Divine anyways because he has been gaslighting the shit out of her.

Finally, in the middle of all of this chaos, we see Bommer who was in the middle of being transferred to another prison recruited by the Dark Signer Dimak, extending and offer for a chance of pursuing revenge for the destruction of his hometown. Well then, looks like Bommer is joining the crew, but at least he doesn’t have to die to join haha… Whelp, well the Dark Signers now have full team of their own. With Neo Domino City as a mess now, there are no more borders when it comes to where this battle will take place.

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