Even though the episode took a dark turn near the end, this episode was extremely funny. I couldn’t for the life of me stop laughing once those muscle mice appeared. I know that they show up beside Inosuke as he’s running on the rooftops in the OP but I wasn’t really paying attention to what they were, I just knew they had to be small animals. Well, it turns out it was those muscle mice. And just that whole scene was bizarre. Inosuke just casually slamming his head into the ceiling and hanging there calling for the mice, and then we see these muscle mice carrying his swords. It has to be one of the weirdest things in this show and I just can’t stop thinking about it.

Again, Inosuke is just growing on me a lot this season. I’m loving his growth, but his relationship with Tanjiro is always so fun to watch like back in the Mugen Train arc. The two of them really feel like brothers, and they just bounce off of each other so well in conversations. Also Inosuke just slapping Tanjiro over and over basically proves he really is the little brother in this relationship constantly throwing a tantrum and Tanjiro just trying to live. But the funniest part from their conversation on the roof was the fact that Inosuke, out of nowhere, explains to Tanjiro what rank they are and the fact that they can see what ranking they are and the Wisteria Flower Engraving, which is checking your rank by calling out for it on their hand. It was so hilarious simply because this is Inosuke we’re talking about. This should be something Tanjiro should know! And even though he can’t even remember Tanjiro’s name, Inosuke can basically recite a page from the Demon Slayer Corps Handbook like it’s nothing and it’s the funniest thing. I guess it goes to show that Inosuke really does care about being a Demon Slayer and takes it seriously, but it’s still hilarious.

With all that fun out of the way, the group comes to find out that Zenitsu is missing. We only saw Uzui for a short time this episode and he was definitely regretful of Zenitsu’s disappearance. We know that there’s probably a lot to unpack for Uzui based on the OP, so the last thing he said to the boys on the roof before leaving probably has a lot of weight to it. Uzui can be brash but he was very much serious in his mission looking for the demon and he’s not wasting any more time. I’m excited for when we can really get to know his character, and judging by the next episode’s title, he’s going to have the spotlight.

Dammit, I knew Koinatsu was setting up her red flags in the beginning, and especially when she told Tanjiro she was going to leave. I was legit worried she was going to get killed off so I’m glad that (so far) she’s okay. I hope. She’s sweet, and I thought it was hilarious when she told Tanjiro she already knew he was a guy. Again, Tanjiro just keeps getting blindsided this episode.

It’s interesting how Daki’s power works, and also makes sense how Zenitsu and Makio were taken away. With her obi sash, it seems like she can trap and absorb them into the cloth and keep them there until she kills them. It explains how neither Makio nor Zenitsu can be found, and it also explains how Daki was able to grab Makio and drag her out of the house through the attic. She may also be able to do that to herself as well and technically teleport herself to different spots, as she was able to appear in Koinatsu’s room out of nowhere. As we saw when Tanjiro was running on the rooftops, it wasn’t completely sundown yet so that should have been the only way that Daki could have appeared in her room. It’s such a cool and terrifying ability, it’s no wonder that Daki has been able to devour and get rid of others in all of these centuries. You really can feel that Daki has control of this place.

So far Tanjiro is faring okay against Daki but I do wonder how well this is all going to go. Still, this is all very exciting!


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