Strangely, one week episode break didn’t feel a long wait like usual. Maybe because I was too busy enjoying New Year party and afterwards busy with work. And so, this episode coming out didn’t feel like it just took a one week break.

To the episode, just like the first season, I like the new OP and ED better. And the new OP gave plenty of hints of what’s going to happen in this second half. Especially that part with Towa and Riku! What’s going to happen between them?!

I had already expected ever since finding out that Riku was part of Kirinmaru and now Rion just confirmed it: Because Riku is part of Kirinmaru, if Kirinmaru dies, so does Riku. Riku himself was aware of this revelation as he could sense his life is directly connected with Kirinmaru. Despite of this, Riku was willing to give up his life if it means defeating Kirinmaru. What committed Riku to this mission was his love for Towa. Spending time with Towa and getting to know her helped Riku to find not only a reason to live, but also what it truly means to love someone. Before, Riku’s motto was he only kill people that he loves and dislike to kill people that he hates. Through Towa, he learned that loving someone means wanting the happiness of that person even if it means he can’t have her or be together with her.

The apple seed he got from Towa or “Forbidden Fruit” as he called it, seemed to reflect how the love between him and Towa was not meant to be. Towa, while still hasn’t realized her feelings for Riku, able to sense an omen that they’ll eventually part ways, one that most likely wouldn’t end well for the two. Darn, would their romance really end with tragedy? (TT_TT)

At long last, Moroha was finally reunited with her parents! That moment when Kagome and Moroha tearfully hugged each other was heartwarming at best. They have been separated for 14 years, and now they could be together as a family. I’m looking forward how Moroha and Inuyasha’s reunion would be. The preview clearly showed that both father and daughter were very tsundere towards each other! And no doubt that Kagome and Towa would talk about the modern time. Kagome would be happy to know how her family is doing, especially if she learn that her younger brother is married and has a daughter.

Of course, they’ll need Sesshomaru to be incapacitated for a while so that the girls, Inuyasha, and Kagome would have the opportunity to shine against Kirinmaru. But what will happen if Sesshomaru lose his Haku entirely? And Rin will confront Kirinmaru. What’s going to happen to her? She just got saved but right afterwards she jumped into danger again. And I wonder how Towa and the others escaped from the Great Dog-Demon’s tomb.

Last but not the least, not forgetting Shippou! He’ll finally appear again! He better have explanation why he never appeared up until now. I’m a bit disappointed that he didn’t change physically. I know that he’s a demon and all, so his growth progress is slower than humans and half-demons, but I still had expected him to grow a bit more.


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