Eva’s First Impression

Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru is here, and I am so happy to see my one of my favourite couples animated in full glory! If you’re looking for a wholesome goodness, look no further because this series got it! This is story about a guy who dreams to become a Kashirashi for Hina Dolls, but doesn’t feel like he can fit in until Marin, a girl who doesn’t shy away from talking about her passions walks into his life.

For Wakana, you could say it was love at first sight when his grandfather showed him the Hina Dolls he made. Wakana was in awe of their beauty, and thought they are the most beautiful thing in the world. At that moment, he was inspired him to follow his grandfather’s footsteps and it quickly and the rest was history. However his love for the Hina Dolls was then trampled on by a girl, criticizing him for liking dolls when he is a boy. And ever since, Wakana felt like couldn’t make friends because his interests would just make things awkward or would be the odd one out. So he settled for just being on his own, even if it means people end up taking advantage of him for giving in so easily.

And Wakana is such a precious soul, so it is truly sad how he feels like he can’t and haven’t been able to make any friends because he feels like he would make things awkward or wouldn’t fit in. His life largely revolves around his dream to become a Kashirashi for Hina Dolls, so he doesn’t do much of anything outside of improving his craft, appreciating his work, and his habit of talking to them. In fact, while some might find it weird or even freaky, I think the way Wakana speaks to the dolls are absolutely adorable. You can tell how much love and devotion he puts into his craft, he cherishes them dearly.

So then comes in Marin, who he believes in a totally different world from his own. One where she can proudly talk about the things she loves and not be shunned for it. This girl catches him with the Hina Doll and the sewing machine and she sees he can use it and the Hina Doll in hand, and she compliments it. And honestly Marin’s earnest reaction and genuine praises about the Hina Dolls is exactly what Wakana needed. The only other person he has been able to share this with is his grandfather, so you can see how much it meant for him to hear it from someone else.

Since Marin learned he made the Hina Doll’s dress, she didn’t think twice to undress and puts on her cosplay she had been making. Poor Wakana was so flustered by it he didn’t know what to do! But the moment he turned around and learns what she was wearing was a cosplay she is in the process of making, oh my gosh the way his brain just shifts gears to the craftsman he is gives me life.

It’s an understatement to say, Wakana takes his craft very seriously, so when he sees the mess of Marin’s attempt at making Shizuku’s outfit, it was like a switch went off and he just begins relentlessly picking out all the flaws and missing pieces! Marin sure did look like she was gonna cry a bit and so he apologized profoundly for getting carried away, but it was not because she was offended or embarrassed, but more because she was upset with herself of not being able to do her favourite character justice. So she decides to ask him if he could help he out by making it, and Wakana agrees to it. And then he hears the game title: Saint Slippery’s Academy for Girls, The Young Ladies of the Humilation Club: Debauched Miracle Life 2.

His reaction is so on point! We will learn all of the details about the game and Shizuku next week!

And this is what I absolutely love about Marin’s character. She too is super adorable, nice and an earnest girl who has the confidence to proudly share what she loves to the world. On top of that, she won’t put up with people talking shit about what people like. And make fun of favourite character, and she will drag you.

Marin is also the type who won’t turn a blind eye to a situation that she feels in unfair. When she realized that Wakana was being taken advantage of during cleaning duties, instead of just shrugging it off, she tells him she shouldn’t agree to things he doesn’t want to do, and speak up about how he truly feels. And when he tries to justify it as “being reliable”, she calls it for what it is: being used. (Of course that isn’t to say Wakana wasn’t aware of it. It’s a bad habit of his to avoid being stuck in an awkward and uncomfortable situation with others.)

Her reaction to Wakana’s talent of being able to make outfits was so cute and her reaction for when he agreed to help her out was all the more sweeter. The girl was dancing around the room because she was so elated about it. It’s going to be a lot of fun seeing these two interaction so look forward to the wholesome goodness and hilarity that will unfold between these two.

Overall this was a wonderful premiere, I loved everything about it and wasn’t ready for the episode to end. They really did such a lovely job with it, the voices the adaption of the character designs, I’m very pleased with it. I am also obsessed with how cute the ED Theme is! IT’S SO ADORABLE! LOOK AT MY WHOLESOME OTP! THEY ARE SO CUTE!

I am definitely interested in covering this series because I absolutely love the manga, but I have a couple of other Saturday shows I still have to check out, so I am going to give it three episode to have the chance to get a feel what clicks with me best to cover this season. But seriously guys, you are looking for a romantic comedy to watch this season, you should definitely be watching this!

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Shadow’s First Impression

I was hesitant going into this anime, but it turned out to be such a joy to watch. Even with the unnecessary bits of fanservice. But since it wasn’t obnoxious like say… other anime coughcoughfireforcecough I can let it slide. The overall tone felt extremely fluffy and nice without too much drama. There is drama, but it’s very light compared to other series (so far) so this is definitely a nice change of pace.

Already, Gojo is an incredibly relatable character. Especially when it comes to having a passion for something that “regular” people find weird and thus you feel as if you have to constantly hide it. Though I will admit his admiration can be… kinda odd. Especially with the expressions he makes. However, it’s quite obvious that what happened in his past has affected him very deeply where he feels as if he has to suppress himself in front of everyone else. Which is incredibly unhealthy. Especially as it is affecting how he interacts with other people. It’s kind of sad how much he’s withdrawn into himself and feels as if he can’t open up to anyone.

And while it is sad, I absolutely love the symbolism shown through out the episode with lots of focus being put on his hands and the area around him. It shows him constantly covering the things that represents his passion towards doll making with his hands such as the smear left from the ink, the cuts he got from cutting fabric and the doll head that his grandfather made. Which is incredibly representative of how he suppresses himself and hides what he likes from everyone. Not to mention that whenever he’s in frame with others, there is something that is always segregated from others. In the scene where his classmate asks if he could take off early without helping clean up the classroom, it shows Gojo in one window while his classmates are shown in a different window with a clear divide between them. Even in the flashback where it shows Gojo’s first experience of being rejected by someone due to his hobby, the two are separated by the glass borders of the doll display. Ugh, I love the use of symbolism in the space around the characters.

Due to Gojo’s withdrawn and suppressed disposition, I think it was important to witness someone actually cross the lines drawn around Gojo by none other than Marin Kitagawa. Whom I am already shipping off to fedex with Gojo because the nice genki girl x quiet/withdrawn boy is one of my favorite ship dynamics. Not to mention my aestetic of a light haired girl x dark haired boy. The first time she crossed over past his segretation had to be when she freaking flew across the room and I love the shot of her passing in front of him, most likely symbolizing that she will be the first person entering his space for the first time.

Also.. how the heck did she even go FLYING across the room, hit her head on the desk and NOT have a concussion. Not gonna lie, I was just like: W-What??? Excuse me??? HOW???

Anyways, Kitagawa seems like a sweet person so far and already I can see why she would be a good fit for Gojo since she ended up being the first person outside his family to accept his hobby and is actually amazed by it. Not to mention that she has a mindset of never making fun of someone due to their interests. Which was probably the first sign of them eventually becoming friends. Especially since this was the kind of mindset that Gojo needs in his life. While he claims that they come from different worlds, it seems their worlds are a little closer than he realized. Especially when they strike up a deal of Gojo helping Kitagawa with her cosplay which cements their paths intertwining. Which I definitely look forward to watching. She’s already really entertaining to watch with how passionate she is about her favorite character and series.

I think it has so much meaning for her to hold his hand that he constantly uses to hide his passions. Especially since it also has her coming into his space so that he isn’t completely segregated anymore. Shown even more with how he wasn’t in front of the blinds by the windows anymore and was slowly entering a lit up window instead. He’s not fully out in the sunlit window, but he’s making progress and that’s all we can ask for for now. It’s his first step into coming out of isolation and I can’t wait to see how he grows.

The first episode of this series was really sweet and I’m already liking the dynamic between Gojo and Kitagawa. While I already ship them, I still need to be convinced from Gojo’s side. As of right now, I’m completely sold on why Kitagawa would be good for him, but I still need to see why Gojo would be good for her. Hopefully they’ll give me a good reason since it would be pretty disappointing if it were to be one-sided the entire time. Like Rent a Girlfriend. So I look forward to how their relationship progresses.

Due to conflicts in schedules, I don’t think I’ll be able to cover this even if I really want to. Since Attack on Titan is a must for me. But I am looking forward to watching this week to week~

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