I have mixed feelings for this episode. One, Kirinmaru being blown away just like that seemed so out of nowhere. No matter how strong the power unleashed by Tenseiga and Tessaiga, it’s far too convenient to make it blow Kirinmaru like that. I know the writers want to avoid Sesshomaru from being killed by Kirinmaru so they must make him out of the picture for a while, but the way they removed him was too ridiculous to my liking. (_ _;)

It turned out that Kirinmaru was so fixated to become the strongest because he wished to be acknowledged by Tree of Ages and Akuru so they’ll allow him to cross through times. He believed that only by becoming the strongest that he would be chosen by them. And since Inuyasha’s clan was capable of seeing Akuru, he further believed that only by completely wiping out the Dog-Demon clan that he’ll be chosen. Before, I thought his obsession simply come from his rivalry with the Demon-Dog General, this episode has revealed it was far more than that. It’s just so messed up.

This brought a question that I had since Season 1. Why did Tree of Ages chose Towa, Setsuna and Moroha? What made them so special that Tree of Ages chose them instead of Kirinmaru? I’m not sure their bloodline has anything to do with it as Kirinmaru believed, and I highly doubt that you need to be the strongest to be acknowledged by Tree of Ages and Akuru.

On the other hand, I love to watch the interaction between Shippou and Takechiyo. These two little guys are so cute going on an “adventure” together. And Shippou hasn’t changed at all. In the end, he’s easy to be pressured and still used as a method of transportation. I wonder why Takechiyo didn’t just change as well like usual, so they could divide their passengers into two, which means less heavy for Shippou. And I gave an applause to Moroha who decided to keep the Black Pearl as a memento of how it has the feelings of her parents for her for the past fourteen years. Inuyasha only thought of the pearl as the source of his trouble, but Moroha thought of the pearl in positive way.

The reunion between Rin and her children, as I suspected, was not as touching as when Moroha reunited with her parents. Understandable due to how dire the condition Sesshomaru was in. It looks like another disaster strike again for Towa and her family. Just as Setsuna finally able to break Rin’s curse and Rin able to see her daughters after fourteen years in comatose-like state, Sesshomaru was close to dying due to Kirinmaru’s attack. And now, even though Towa succeeded in absorbing all of Kirinmaru’s evil energies from Sesshomaru and saved his life, it took a toll on her. I doubt Towa died since she’s the main character, but Kirinmaru’s energy must have affected her greatly.

Sesshomaru! I think I am so biased when it comes to him for every little thing! He was close to death, but he was more worried for Towa’s life and told her to stop because he didn’t want his daughter to die for him! And Towa refused to stop until she saved him despite feeling the danger when she absorbed the energy. Looks like Sesshomaru was saved, but I’m betting that he needs time to recover. I hope they’ll be able to be together as a family even for a moment! They deserved to spend a family time together at least once. (TT_TT)



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