Ah poor Wakana, he felt so guilty for having a wet dream with Marin that he didn’t know what to do with himself. But considering he played Slippery Girls’ Academy, I mean… it was kind of bound to happen, haha. So naturally he didn’t know what to do with himself when he saw Marin at school. But the dream quickly became an after-thought when he suddenly became extremely self-conscious of the fact people are whispering about how he and Marin could potentially be dating and how he wasn’t a good fit for her. Of course it’s none of their business who Marin chooses to date, but people are gonna go along and gossip anyways and unfortunately Wakana fell back into his habit of feeling the need to dissociate himself with her in order to quash the gossips by avoiding her.

However Marin is the type who couldn’t care less what people talk about, especially when it involves people who she consider as her friends– something which Wakana didn’t quite realize until she spelled it out to him. So understandably it was upsetting and frustrating to see Wakana avoid her when all she wanted to do was just talk with him as usual and invite him out shopping for the cosplay’s materials. Her persistence to get to the bottom of this paid off though by making sure she didn’t lose track of him after-school and was able to confront him on the matter. So I am glad this kind of thing didn’t get dragged out for a couple of days. One is enough, and it’s good to get this issue resolved sooner than later.

With that out of the way, now the fun stuff with picking out the materials for the cosplay. It is quite admirable how much attention to detail Wakana had put into the pattern for Shizuku’s outfit, and his earnest note-taking and playing the game certainly paid off by taking into consideration other important details that Marin had overlooked, such what kind of fabric would appropriately match an upper-glass girls’ uniform, Shizuku’s character color being purple so it would be better to use a deep violet wig instead of medium black, and which kind of wig length would be suited best. The amount of thought put into this really touched Marin’s heart, especially when she didn’t think he would actually play the game, so she’s very thankful for it. That’s why she felt the least she could do is treat him to some food to expression her appreciation.

Speaking of which, oh my gosh, when the two were discussing how far along Wakana got in the game after they had left the restaurant, the way they had heads turning when they were casually talking about the part where the MC couldn’t stop ejaculating at the morning assembly and the people in line for the restaurant they just left are utterly horrified. I’m in tears from laughing so hard. That scene was absolutely hysterical. And what’s amazes me is how Wakana gets flustered about everything else, but he was completely calm when he was talking that part. You could tell he was so engrossed in their conversation, that in that moment, he didn’t even notice people were staring at them!

And finally, this week Wakana explained to Marin how he isn’t one to easily say how something is ‘pretty’, or beautiful’ on the whim. The conversation came about when Marin has been gushing about the cosplayers pictures and noticed he hasn’t said a word about them. For Wakana, ever since he first saw a Hina Doll, those words became associated with very special things to him, so he won’t say it unless he’s truly feels it from the heart. And it’s nice to see Marin respect that– in fact she praises him for refusing to compromise on things that are important to him.

Overall this week was a nice and fun episode! The whole shopping trip was very fun to watch, though the biggest obstacle of the trip for Wakana was being pulled into the lingerie store was hard enough. All he could think about was inconveniencing others by worrying they’d be uncomfortable with him being there, and here Marin having way too much fun teasing him with peeks of the garter-belts she was trying on. This girl isn’t shy at all hahaha, or at least it hasn’t quite dawned to her yet why Wakana gets so flustered about it. Wait till the day it finally does though, hahaha!

Next week, Wakana is going into crunch mode to pull off putting together the outfit in two weeks’ time for an upcoming event. Poor guy, the stress is real.


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