It would have been very underwhelming if Daki was defeated this easily, either by Nezuko or Tengen, but that end was pretty surprising. I knew there would be another demon based on the visuals in the OP but their connection is really interesting!

Much thanks to Shadow for covering me while I had troubles, and I’m excited to be back to cover this. Last episode was very exciting, and I was both excited and a little nervous for this episode because these Kamado siblings seriously need help. I’m glad spiritually their family is always with them, and that flashback with little Nezuko and her mom made me sad.

Now, last episode Tanjiro kinda creeped me out. He completely lost himself when using his Sun Breathing over and over. That blank look on his face and that rage was something we’ve never seen from someone like Tanjiro so it was so shocking and scary. The same thing happens to Nezuko as she looked and felt more like a demon. She was powerful, strong, and she even found pleasure in torturing Daki with her violent assault. It was completely unlike we’ve seen her before. The part later in the episode when she was about to attack a wounded woman after seeing her blood was more or less how she was in the very first episode, but the twisted pleasure in her actions and the brutality of it was something we’ve never seen from her. The way she looked and acted was basically like any other demon we’ve seen in this show and that’s a scary thing. And sad that Nezuko basically lost herself if it weren’t for Tanjiro holding her down. If he weren’t there, I do believe that Nezuko would have attacked that woman. I really wonder if it really was just the pure anger of Daki’s destruction and death of the district that made Nezuko transform like that. Their little brother mentioned she and Tanjiro could be scary when it came to protecting others, so that could have been the trigger. But so much so that she wouldn’t completely lose herself?

There’s also the fact that Nezuko was freakishly strong, with her regenerative power being better than Daki’s. As well as those leaf markings on her skin. There’s definitely more we’re going to learn about why Nezuko was able to hold her own against an Upper Rank, so that should be exciting.

I was surprised that something like a lullaby was able to stop her, but the power of family is strong. It was so sad to see Nezuko cry over her memories and probably her own actions. And I can’t imagine the fear Tanjiro faced as he almost lost his sister for real. Both siblings definitely need each other. T_T

With Tanjiro busy holding down Nezuko, Tengen finally arrives on the scene to help them out. And surprisingly he was able to behead Daki easily. At first I thought it was really underwhelming, but it got weird as Daki was still there and not disappearing. I certainly didn’t expect a whole other demon to come out and appear though. Gyutaro is very…unsettling. His design and voice and everything is unsettling, and it’s bad enough that we already had one powerful demon. Though it also makes me wonder about the sash. That would be a third demon, wouldn’t it?

And as it turns out, Daki and Gyutaro are siblings. So far Daki has shown a terrifying and commanding side to her, getting away with killing Hashira and humans for centuries and wrapping everyone around her finger. So it was surprising when Daki suddenly threw a temper tantrum after she was beheaded. She very much whined and cried like a child, even more so when she was telling her brother that everyone had been bullying her and ganging up on her. And the way Gyutaro consoled her was very sibling-like, an older brother to his very young sister. At that moment she wasn’t scary at all, but more pathetic than anything. This probably hints to Daki as she was as a human. She may have died young or just never matured emotionally, and always depended on her older brother that loved her. Another telling thing from this episode was when Nezuko had set her on fire. I’m guessing fire had a large part in her life, that that disfigurement from burns probably has to do with her obsession with beauty and perfection. In typical Demon Slayer tradition, we should be seeing their backstory pretty soon.

I’m so glad that Tengen is finally here to fight! We got see some action this episode, but I can’t wait to see him in a full fight. the little bit we did see was fun but I am excited to see his fighting style, as well as his own backstory too. I expect lots of flashiness next time! And side note, I think it’s so funny that Inosuke says he’ll also fight in a flashy way. Instead of looking up to Tengen like he did Rengoku, he’s kind of competing against him…in a flashy way!


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  1. Kazanova

    The demons in this episode gave me quite a fright, Nezuko included. Thank goodness Nezuko returned to her senses in time, and went back crying cutely like a child. Since Daki and Gyutaro are siblings, I had expected for some sort of siblings fight between Tanjiro and Nezuko vs Daki and Gyutaro. Too bad, that won’t be the case, though I understand why. Uzui got injured so quickly, showing more how strong the Upper Moons are, and they’re even the lowest rank of the Upper Moons, weaker than Akaza who’s Rank 3. Looking forward how they’ll animate the fight in the next episode.

    Speaking about Uzui, I heard that Uzui is criticized for having polygamy with his three wives. I can understand if he’s the type who only favour one wife and treat other two poorly or the type who married three women only to play around with them, but as far as I see, Uzui is a responsible husband for his three wives who treats them equally and the said wives also got along well with each other, so I don’t see any problem with him having a polygamy. Unless polygamy is illegal or some sort of taboo in Japan.

    1. Thong Do

      Well Polygamy is illegal in Japan, especially since 1945 (guess what happened) but it never carry the taboo stigma. the government just don’t acknowledge that kind of relationship as a real marriage. You can still do that in Japan as long as all the parties involve agree to it. Most complain came from people in the West rather than from Japan.

      The anime cut out the narration about Gyutaro anime which is a shame since it’s a nice detail about Japan history.” Gyu” is what people called debt collectors in the RLD which tell us some detail about his life before he turned into a demon.

      1. Berry

        Polygamy is a weird thing for some people, it’s basically illegal in mainly the West (I think?) and other developed parts of the world. I’m not that knowledgable about it since this type of lifestyle is really not for me, but I do think it’s weird that people are complaining about it? First of all, him having three wives isn’t the main part of the story. It was a part but it’s not part of the overarching plot. And like Kazanova said, he seems to really care about his wives and the three of them care about him too so what’s the big deal????

        Anywho, that’s an interesting tidbit! Can’t wait to see their backstory eventually.

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