Eating pocky makes a man go loco

The pacing in this episode was a lot slower, but compared to the weird jumpiness from the first episode, this is much better. Though it is still weird that we went from November in the beginning of the episode to February. Slow down! I would have thought that they would have wanted to do a Christmas episode with all the romance in the air, but I guess they just wanted to skip over to Valentine’s Day and talk about chocolates and getting asked out. Which…I personally wouldn’t make that choice but okay?

Other than that, this episode again was very cute and funny! There were plenty of great moments between Sasaki and Miyano. Their little bookstore excursion was really cute, and it’s sweet that in this episode Sasaki really went out of his way to get to know Miyano even more and get even closer to him. Of course this makes his heart go boom boom quite a bit, where it gets so bad that he doesn’t even want to make physical contact with Miyano anymore. Lest his heart stops beating. And when it comes to Sasaki and his relationship with Miyano, I’m glad it’s not under scrutiny like Miyano’s classmates and friends thinking Sasaki is nothing but a thug. In actuality, the student from the first episode that was getting beat up was actually one of Miyano’s classmates and can attest to Sasaki being a good person. I’m just so glad this show is so wholesome, though I do expect some sort of conflict to happen sooner or later. I’d also love to have more characters be more part of the story. Miyano’s two friends are aware of the pair, even Hirano as well. I’d like everyone to be involved somehow so the show doesn’t start to feel same-y with just Sasaki and Miyano hanging out, as cute as it is.

The post credits scene points to Sasaki’s jealousy and conflicted feelings. Though I did think the scene was a little too dramatic? It was dark and the music certainly didn’t help, they made it seem like Sasaki was ready to find the person that gave Miyano chocolates first to stab him. Though him being jealous of the Valentine’s event is pretty weird. I get he has feelings for Miyano and wanted to give him the chocolate, but c’mon it was 36 platonic chocolates.

The pocky game moment was both sweet and also kind of funny. Maybe I shouldn’t have laughed at Miyano eating the pocky, but the loud crunch and close up on Miyano’s face was too good. Though it was a good way to show us Sasaki’s perspective on how that went. To anyone else it would be normal, but for him it was a slow and intimate moment. Miyano’s lips ever so close to his hand…No wonder he had to step away! Sasaki certainly has it bad.

So we know that Sasaki is crazy for Miyano, but we’re finally getting some more on Miyano’s end. There’s definitely something going on with him as well, but he seems to be either ignoring it or genuinely oblivious. He wonders whether he does treat Sasaki differently from the others, and he got noticeably embarrassed when Sasaki bluntly told him that he wanted to get to know the person that he likes. It looks like it’ll take awhile for him to properly process his feelings, but he’s taking notice of Sasaki’s “jokes” and how close they’ve gotten in a short amount of time. I also just really liked their conversation in the classroom near the end when Sasaki had asked him how he got into BL and why he came to an all-boy’s school. I don’t think many people know that Miyano is a fudanshi and he doesn’t tell just anyone how he got into reading BL so it was a nice and special moment between them. The part in the chocolate store was also cute, with Miyano’s heart skipping a beat when Sasaki read his exact thoughts. I like the touch of the pink heart in the store swinging around when that happened, so that was definitely a doki moment. This show isn’t exactly the most subtle but eh, who cares. It was still cute.

Though my favorite part of the episode was absolutely the moment when Sasaki found out that Miyano was listening to BL drama CDs on his ipod. First of all, when was the last time you ever saw an ipod nano? Second, the whole comedic delivery was perfect. Miyano freaking out, the BL audio, Sasaki repeating the lines over and over nonchalantly while Miyano wanted to crawl away and die. And that random cat playing in the background the whole time it was happening. I could not stop laughing, definitely the funniest scene so far. I’m so excited for more~


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