Man this show is just so pleasant. So glad to be back with this show after my short break because this show never fails to make me smile with how sweet it is. With how hectic things are, I can always take a nice breather with this one.

This episode was mostly fine, my favorite part being the very end. I’m glad with this show, even after the confession, Sasaki and Miyano carry on having their regular conversations. No awkwardness, no embarrassment, and definitely no avoiding the other person. The boys still hang out normally and share their feelings in the end so well. Miyano even acknowledges Sasaki’s birthday, knowing it would be rude if he didn’t, even if he didn’t have an answer ready for him. While the show sometimes goes into certain tropes, it also bypasses others.

Again, the episode was mostly fine. The guys are taking their exams while Miyano is still pondering his feelings for Sasaki. While listening to Kuresawa talk to Tashiro about his girlfriend, Miyano sort of understands what he means. Sort of. The episode made it seem like Miyano was going to give Sasaki his answer but in the end, he actually wants to take some more time to consider things. And instead of being hurt, Sasaki is just glad that Miyano is seriously thinking about it.`And I think that’s what I mean when I say the show is pleasant. There’s “conflict” but our two mains smart enough to still communicate with each other well and not take things personally. Miyano is kind enough to let Sasaki know how he’s currently feeling but still wants to let him know that he wants to think about it more. And Sasaki is just there to really listen to him and accept his words. Sasaki is just so happy, he’ll just wait as long as it takes. He’s not negative about it, and he’s especially not pushy or makes Miyano uncomfortable either. His “I’m pretty sure I’ll still like you then.” was especially sweet, like this guy is just on cloud nine he’s so happy and in love. The communication in this show is great. Just like last time when Sasaki corrected the misunderstanding about his reason for liking Miyano for his face and all that. That easily could have been dragged out as some unnecessary drama but they easily rectified that by the end. I just appreciate that so much. Again, so pleasant.

One thing did bother me. When Miyano asks Sasaki whether he likes guys, Sasaki just says “I don’t think so”. So does that mean that Sasaki is exploring his own sexuality too? Is he also bi, or did he never really care about girls? We do know Miyano’s stance on things, that he only ever liked a girl so he’s still unsure on how he’s feeling. That I understand and that’s okay. But in Sasaki’s case, I’d like more of his perspective on that. He just says it so casually too. What really are his feelings? And in Miyano’s case, I’m actually really glad he’s taking more time to think things through. It makes sense that he’s taking so long…though we don’t exactly know how long it’s been since the confession. Not too long I think. Either way, this is a new feeling for Miyano. He’s only known liking girls, but he does seem to have something for Sasaki and does admit to him being cute and he enjoys being with him. He does tell him that he may not see him like that at the moment and looks up to him, but there’s still something there where he’s unsure and he ended up just rambling. Miyano is really discovering his sexuality here and it’s not like he would come to understand it just like that. I personally can’t relate to that, but I can imagine how new and scary and confusing that must be. Also, Miyano still is very self conscious about his appearance (thanks Tashiro) so that’s another hurdle. Still, I like that it’s really being considered since it feels more realistic. It wasn’t a quick turnaround, and I don’t think they’ll drag this out for too long. Even if they do, Sasaki and Miyano’s interactions are so sweet and cute that I don’t mind, I love seeing them hanging out and having heartpounding moments~ <3


Well, looks like we’re going to see some cross-dressing soon. I knew we would get a culture festival episode sooner or later, and they ended up with crossdressing. And of course Miyano was the #1 pick with how cute he is. Funny enough it doesn’t bother him too much, and it’s great that Kuresawa volunteered to be his substitute. He’s a really good friend.

This was another slow episode with not much plot progression. It did jump around a lot from the culture festival talk, Makimura showing up, Sasaki and Kuresawa talking, and then Sasaki and Miyano hanging out as usual multiple times. This show does tend to jump around a lot. There were still lots of goodies here, other than our boys just being cute and Sasaki almost melting in a puddle at the end.

First of all, I’m shocked and pleasantly surprised that Makimura showed up. I was hoping that the show would explore Miyano’s past crush again, but considering we never saw her face in the flashbacks, I thought she would just be a passing memory that Miyano would ponder over more. But we actually get to see her and she and Miyano talk in the station for a bit, and we even get to clear some misunderstandings. Makimura is an art student and I guess that one time in middle school when she wanted Miyano to wear girl’s clothes was because she wanted to make him her model, not exactly to tease him which is what he thought. And because of that he found himself talking less and less with Makimura since that damaged his insecurities even more. Maybe being asked to wear girl’s clothes isn’t too much better I guess, but at least she wasn’t teasing him. Just genuinely thinking he would look nice in it and she was just inspired to draw him. It makes Miyano relieved and ever since Sasaki had said those words to him from last episode, he’s feeling more confident. Maybe he hasn’t fully accepted his sort of girly features, but he’s getting there. And it was Sasaki that gave him that push into seeing himself more positively, and that means a lot. It was also just nice to see Miyano having a normal and fun conversation with Makimura after having not seen her in awhile. It was casual and fun, and it felt so natural. It would have lasted longer if Sasaki hadn’t jumped in and dragged him away in jealousy.

I know that Sasaki gets jealous and these scenes haven’t happened all too often, but I will say I was a little bothered by it this time. Miyano was just catching up with an old friend and Sasaki rudely just dragged him away. Neither Miyano or Makimura were bothered so I guess everything was fine, but it’s not like anything inappropriate was happening. I know some people find the whole jealousy to be cute, but I’m not a big fan of it. Sasaki did apologize afterwards, but not for dragging him away but for how rough he was. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but at least it’s some apology. But in that conversation Miyano admitted that Makimura is someone that he used to like, so his feelings for her aren’t there anymore. I do like that he shared his feelings from middle school with Sasaki since that was really personal. Their relationship is just getting better and better. Just…stop being so jealous Sasaki. :/

The conversation between Sasaki and Kuresawa was also surprising since this is the first time we’ve seen them interact without anyone else around. It was nice that Kuresawa finally got to thank Sasaki for saving him in that fight, though learning what started the fight was funny. I haven’t said this before but I should now, but Kuresawa is a huge simp lol. He’s just all over his girlfriend but at least it sounds like they have a nice relationship. I do wonder if that passing comment of his girlfriend being in the hospital will be important later on, but that did come out of nowhere and got me intrigued at least.

And then of course we ended the episode with the boys talking about music and really getting into the conversation and then finishing off with Sasaki telling Miyano he had bought the next volume of one of the manga Miyano lent him. It made Miyano so happy that we finish off on a happy note, with Sasaki being so happy and fluttered that he wanted to hug Miyano. Though I don’t like his jealous side, I do appreciate how he continues to respect Miyano’s personal space and boundaries. Just gotta work on that jealousy.


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  1. Kisa

    I just can’t help how cute both Sasaki and Miyano are!!
    Seeing Sasaki jealous, it was a shock to Miyano it just shows how much he loves him 😊
    Miyano’s slowly but surely starting to feel something for Sasaki

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