Episode 42

This episode is pretty much a fancy recap leading up to the true battle against the Dark Signers. I wouldn’t say you should skip this episode entirely considering there are bits of development, such as the follow-up of Aki officially joining the group, and the fates of those who have been sacrificed or turned into a Dark Signer.

With the fall of the Arcadia Movement headquarters and Divine going MIA, security finally had a chance to dig into and review some of the criminal activities that were taking place in the organization. Aki got a cruel reality-check of the true nature of the place she once called home, understandably unnerved and horrified to see that Divine led the operation of kidnapping children and using them as Human Experiments to test their abilities. Those like Aki who showed promise in their powers were set to be sent to war zones around the world as ‘super soldiers’. In particular, this made Aki think about whether Misty’s brother was among the children who were put through such inhuman experimentation.

However, even after what she has learned about the true nature of the Arcadia Movement, Aki still can’t bring herself to hate Divine. It doesn’t matter to her that he had ulterior motives when he approached her. After-all, he was the only one at the time who took her in when her own family and the world turned its back on her. That is why despite the circumstances, she remains be grateful for that. And this plays a large part of why Aki can’t change how she feels about him overnight. She has been manipulated, used to hell and back again, but that’s exactly why she needs time to process it all and to heal.

Apart from that, Lua was certainly the odd-one out with being part of the meeting. Godwin didn’t want him to be a part of it since he isn’t a signer, but Luca made sure he had to change his tune about that. Lua was also the one to remind them of how they have yet to meet the fifth Signer, and Godwin just shrugs it off telling them they will show up when they need them most. Sure man, whatever you say. They already have so much confidence in you, that will surely ease them up. In-fact I do love how everyone acknowledges that Godwin is not a man to be trusted, and they are only there because he is the only one with the information regarding the Dark Signers that is a threat hanging over their heads.

Among the things they were recapping, Jack was the one to ask about what becomes of those who have been sacrificed for the Earthbound monsters. He was concerned about might have happened to Carly, but things took a solemn turn when Yusei was the one to ask how Dark Signers come to be in the first place because he wanted to know if there was a way to turn him back to normal. Godwin claims that it’s impossible, because the Dark Signers are souls of the dead, AKA: they have already passed, and further proof of that is the Negative Level Dark Synchro Monsters who represents the ‘envoys of the afterlife’. (Though it seems Bommer is probably the lone exception considering he agreed to ‘trade’ his soul for power to enact revenge.)

Now they are all left to decide what they choose to do, fight the Dark Signers, or let the world end– well I think they already made it rather abundantly clear that they were ready to fight these guys, but sure, let them think about it some more right?

Episode 43

Since Godwin has given them a bit of time to think about their resolve, and while for most part everyone has committed themselves to the battle, there are still some lingering fears that troubles the mind. In particular, the new piece of information of how the Dark Signer’s came to be in the first place troubles Yusei deeply, as they have learned they are souls of the dead. Yusei was hoping he could save Kiryu, but Godwin claims there is no way to do so, as the only way to stop the Dark Signers are to defeat them. Jack has a strong enough resolve to kick Kiryu’s ass regardless of their history together, so he was rather annoyed to see Yusei getting in his own head about the whole thing. He punched Yusei where he was previously gravely wounded (SHEESH MAN. I know he probably isn’t aware of the severity of it, but STILL! Poor Yusei!), but we’ll see if he really keep his cool as much as he claims when he eventually learns that Carly has become a Dark Signer too.

The twins had a moment where Lua finally confessed about his frustrations of not being able to do what he wanted to do and how he isn’t able to be the hero he wants to be. His battle against Divine was a cruel wake-up call that this crisis isn’t something to take lightly, and there won’t be any mercy, even if they are children. He thought it would be better for him to just stay home and cheer his sister on, but Luca doesn’t want to go into the battle without him. Sure he may not be a Signer like her and it is going to be a terribly dangerous fight, but it would be an understatement why she wants him to by her side.

Aki has more or less has already made her resolve. She is prepared to start making amends for her actions by protecting the world instead of fighting against it. When we got a flashback of the conversation between her and her parents, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes, but I love the oh so subtle, yet unintentional burn when Aki said she has the responsibility to protect the world with her powers after being a part of an organization that tried to throw it into chaos.

While the squad all collect their thoughts ahead of the battle, we saw Crow on the hunt for some Dark Signers to take down. He ended up spotting Yeager and challenged him to a duel since he thought he was a suspicious character– and he certainly isn’t wrong considering Godwin had asked him to ‘prepare’ something in that crater he just emerged from.

Episode 44

The duel between Yeager and Crow ends up being interrupted, leaving it at a tie (1200 LP each) after Crow manages to turn the tables in his favor again by playing as the ‘fool’ while Yeager remained overly reliant on data. He also didn’t think whatever he had to do (in what was likely the previous Moment’s location) would act up so soon. While Yeager managed to escape with his life, Crow’s fate mains to be seen, though one would have to wonder how he might have gotten out of this considering the way the mysterious fog swallowed up the citizens of Satellite.

And Godwin just had to spill the beans to the rest of the gang that Yusei is the son of the one who created Moment’s predecessor. Like was that really necessary? But for a guy who loves to spew about fate and destiny, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

At least Yusei wisely used their role as a leverage to get Godwin to promise him that he will connect the Daedalus Bridge with the City. He called him out on the fact if the story is true, there is no reason to discriminate against Satellite. But knowing Godwin, I wouldn’t be holding my breath that he would hold true to his promises, especially when he seemed to have a hand in the most recent developments involving the dark fog that has formed a dome over Satellite. That said, it’s pretty obvious to everyone that he has his own hidden agenda. It is suspicious as it is that he refuses to mention the arm being preserved with the Crimson’s Dragon’s head on it, all while having a prophetic arm of his own.

On the bright side, now that they are heading back to Satellite, the plot can start moving again after three episodes of a stalemate.

And last but not least, oh my god, did anyone just burst out laughing when Aki said, “I wonder if the sunset was this red 5000 years ago.” and Yusei responds with “”Probably.” And then some more dramatic lines about how they need to protect the world. I’m freaking wheezing, what is air! Oh my gosh, that is the most corny shit ever, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THEY SAID IT SO SERIOUSLY, I CAN’T. It was too funny.


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