I was genuinely surprised that Kirin was the one who stopped the Grim Comet from falling into Reiwa era. I thought it would be the three girls who would do the deed while Kirin provided support, not the other way around. Unfortunately, while the modern era was saved, the girls got another problem from the very same person who stopped the comet. It turned out that Kirin, being Kirinmaru’s right-hand, also held attachment for Rion, and he was devastated upon knowing that Rion had died and she’s now merely borrowing a temporary vessel. However, while Kirin was enraged by what happened to Rion, he still disagree with Kirinmaru’s intention to use Towa as Rion’s new vessel and still wished to save the human world. Again, like Riku, even though Kirin was Kirinmaru’s right-arm, he didn’t share the same selfishness that his original self has.

He went as far as taking Zenseiken from Towa and offered to defeat Kirinmaru and save Rion in the girls’ place by bringing back the comet back to the Sengoku era. In the process of doing so, he prevented Kirinmaru from going into the Reiwa era by pushing him back and then destroyed the Wheel of Time. The problem is, Kirin’s solution to save humanity is by annihilating all demons in the past, which means it would include Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, and other demons whom the girls have befriended, something that Towa and the others were late to realize and they couldn’t let happen. I was amazed by how slow they were to realize the meaning of Kirin’s goal. But perhaps they were still tired from stopping the comet from falling. (_ _;)

I wonder if Kirinmaru was being a simpleton or Kirin sure understood his original self well as he managed to win over him by not only bringing the comet that Kirinmaru so wishes to destroy to prove his superiority, but even convinced him to stop pursuing his desire to go to the Reiwa era by showing the memories of places that Kirin had visited during his stay there to show to Rion. But maybe Kirinmaru was just pretending to be fooled by Kirin? Perhaps he chose to play along until the comet was destroyed and then kill Kirin before Kirin could kill him? If he didn’t have any slightest suspicion of Kirin at this point, I would be rolling my eyes at how stupid Kirinmaru is.

I’ll admit that I initially underestimated Kirin, thinking he’s not as strong as Kirinmaru and Riku. But seeing him able to stop the comet, I know that he’s definitely weak. The question is, how strong he is when pitted against Kirinmaru? Can he fight on equal footing against his original self?

Another thing that confused me, if the mountain has the power to stop Kirinmaru, then why didn’t Rion get that power earlier when Towa and the others freed her? And there’s no explanation as to why they have to plant the apple seed that Towa gave to Riku to get the power they needed from the mountain. And for it to come now, it seemed far too convenient. And both of you, shouldn’t you take even just a minute to tend to Riku’s wound?! How are you gonna fight if your wound is open?! (>_<)

I honestly don’t know and couldn’t tell what’s going to happen in this last few episodes. I can only hope the ending would be worth it.


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