“Failure is the mother of salami success!”

It was Kokone’s first time making friends, so she’s pretty shy and nervous about it. I have to commend her for her efforts to try and get more comfortable with being on a first-name basis with Yui and Mari. She stumbled over herself a couple of times, but luckily she was able to muster enough courage to see it through. She also did her best trying to make use of her interests in cosmetics, such as recommending some shades for Yui and Mari. But as good as an effort it was on her part, unfortunately she was unaware that Yui didn’t actually have any interest in make-up, so she doesn’t collect any of her own. That isn’t to say Yui didn’t take her recommendation though, she was happy to try it out. Though good thing Kokone intervened when she tried to apply it without a mirror, considering it probably would have ended up as a mess since it was her first time applying it, haha!

Another problem Kokone faced was that she felt like in order to be liked, she needed to be reliable. So when it was time to fight, she was a lot more reckless with her actions, which led to Mari reminding her they are supposed to work together… And yet once again, we’re only seeing the absolute bare minimum of the sorts. In the end, Kokone mostly solo’d the monster with Yui adding a single punch for an assist, and the monster itself- despite having four Recipeppis added this time did not feel nor look remotely any stronger than the last. So frankly, if they really want to make the monsters feel stronger, it would just be better to actually show more on the girls’ part of working together as a team to take it down. To me, that seems to be the most pragmatic approach to solving this problem.

That aside, while we weren’t exactly formally introduced to them, we did get to meet a new face who appears to be the Student Council President. Given her flashy design and similar looks, I am under the impression that the Student Council President may actually be Gentlu. If so, then it will be interesting to see how things will unfold in the future with the enemy already amongst them. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see exactly what motivates Gentlu and the others to serve Godatz , as right now Bundoru members are flat as pancakes and got no flavor at all! (Also speaking of which, seriously what’s the point of that most boring cheer ever? It doesn’t add anything.) Hopefully they will be properly fleshed out in the foreseen future.

Next time, our cute little dragon has finally woken up! Ah~ I can’t wait, it’s so cute!!!!!!!

03/11/2022 NOTICE: Episode 6 will be delayed due to hack in Toei Animation’s systems.
At this time, an exact date when it will resume airing has yet to be announced.


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  1. Bibi

    Hey Eva, FYI we won’t get a new Episode due to a hacker attack at TOEI (unless you know about that already.)

    1. Eva

      Yup I’m aware, I saw on twitter. I am just about to put up a formal announcement about it. 😀

  2. Eva

    NOTICE: Ep 6 will be delayed due to hack in Toei Animation’s systems.
    At this time, an exact date when it will resume airing has yet to be announced.

    1. Kleenep

      Delicious Party Precure Anime Delayed by at Least 3 More Weeks

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