This week we finally got to see the girls cosplaying as Black Lily, and Black Lobellia and a surprise addition: Soma! And gosh, Marin was such mood when she was internally freaking out how cool Sajuna sounds when she’s praising the attention to detail on Neon’s outfit. I think we can all relate to Marin when it comes down to something we really like, but we don’t know the specifics of what certain things are called and all we can do is say “SUPER COOL, INSANE, AMAZING!” but I digress!

The secret project started on the day they had gone to scout out the photo-shoot area, where Wakana mustered the courage to get confirmation on his intuition that Shinju would actually like to cosplay. It turned out, yes, she does, but the problem is that she fears she would disappoint her sister, nor does she have the confidence to pull it off, especially for her favourite character. But Wakana didn’t want to let her dreams die from that, and offered to help her out. The only thing he didn’t bargain for was that her favourite character is none other than Soma from Flower Princess Blaze, and forgot that she can’t work part-time yet so she’s on a tight budget.

Since this was meant to be kept a secret in case the plans falls through, Wakana could not turn for advice from either Marin or Sajuna, so it was up to his own research and find a way to work within a tight budget. And luckily for them, there was no need to recreate Soma’s outfit. Having noticed the design is very similar to his own school uniform, Wakana offered Shinju to borrow his own for the shoot, which fit her almost perfectly. The only two things they had to work out were finding a way to conceal her large bust and give her shoulders a broader image. The latter was an easy fix, but the bust situation was understandably more of a challenge. In the end, they were able to resolve the problem with a combination of Sarashi Wrap and a recommended B Holder (which worked wonders and was luckily inexpensive)!

For the cosmetics, Wakana picked up the bulk of them from a hundred-yen shop, and styled the wig himself so she wouldn’t have to take it so a shop. All that together, and Shinju can now confidently be her favourite character, and boy were the girls super hyped to see it. And I can vouch for that too because SHINJUUU YOU LOOK SO COOOOOLLL~

With Flower Princess Blaze wrapping up next week, I have to say the most beautiful thing that came out of this arc is seeing Wakana is taking lessons of his own growth and is paying it forward to help others who experience similar insecurities about themselves. He was able to relate to Shinju’s lack of confidence, and explain to her that despite how things look, everyone has their own troubles, and give her the gentle nudge of encouragement to give it a go! Wakana is truly the best boy of the season!

That’s all for this week~ See you next time!


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      = v = I’m glad to hear it~ Such a great series! And it’s super cool that they are going to get Hina Dolls versions of it too! 😀

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