Sure enough, with Yahsahime nearing its end, they decided to put an end the whole fight in this episode. Of course, the whole thing felt rushed from beginning down to the conclusion of this episode. It’d be better if they at least do one more episode focusing on the fight rather than rushing things like this. The conclusion between Osamu and Towa’s fight was the most disappointing. I’d prefer if Towa and Riku fought together more before actually defeating him.  And his glasses. It turned into the half-demon who killed Rion seemed came out of nowhere. And then Riku… NO! WHY THIS HAS TO HAPPEN?! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE, RIKU?! AND YOU EVEN CONFESSED IN THE END?! YOU IDIOT! WHY DID YOU LEAVE TOWA LIKE THAT?! (TT_TT)

Despite my reservations with how rush this episode is, it’s not without its positives. Firstly, like the previous episode, the battle between Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru was at least better to watch than the rest. And I’m pleased to find out that Sesshomaru was actually trying to help Kirinmaru realized what’s his problem was. As it turned out, Kirinmaru was no different from his older sister, Zero. Their main drive for their hatred against half-demons was not because of the wrong done by the half-demon who killed Rion himself, but rather from their own self-denial. They were trying to deny the fact that it was their fault that their loved ones died by the hand of half-demon. Kirinmaru didn’t want to admit that his decision to neglect his rival’s warning was what caused Rion to be killed. On top of that, this episode answered why before Kirinmaru said that it was Rion’s wish for him to be the strongest. Whenever he defeated his enemies, Rion always welcomed him back with smile. When she stopped smiling, he mistook it as him not being strong enough and not winning enough battles. He believed that being the strongest would return Rion’s smile. Only when he saw Rin worrying for Sesshomaru that he realized how much he had hurt his daughter and what must be done to end his and Rion’s suffering. While this won’t redeem the bad writing of his character, I’ll admit that his end was pretty descent.

On the topic of Kirinmaru, Rion was also involved, of course. Rion still loved her father. Every time he went to fight his opponents, Rion would always worried for his well-being. It’s normal for a daughter to worry for her father. In a battle, both sides wager their very lives on the line, and the loser will die. Watching her father risks his life on regular basis was something painful for Rion to watch. The only thing she could do that she thought could help her father was by welcoming him back with a smile as she was relieved that he survived, which Kirinmaru misinterpreted as her being proud that he has won. However, gradually, this routine took a toll on Rion’s heart and she wanted for him to just stop fighting altogether. Rion stopped smiling in hope that Kirinmaru would stop, but this backfired and instead only motivated Kirinmaru more. Rion’s true wish was not to stop her father by killing him. All she wanted was to have her beloved father back and they became a normal father and daughter. However, honestly, I still couldn’t understand with the whole half-demon and Rion problem. At least, now she’s happy with her father.

Last but not the least, regardless how the battle went on, I’m happy to watch the girls were finally reunited with their whole family again. Rin, after 14 years, finally got to embrace her daughters, fulfilling their promise in several episodes prior. And I am further happy how considerate and caring Sesshomaru was. While he’s ready to kill Kirinmaru and Rion if necessary, he held back for Towa and Setsuna’s sake, who wished to save them. Breaking his daughters’ hearts were the last thing Sesshomaru would like to do. Seeing him like this, again, made me think how much Sesshomaru has changed and be more like his father. In fact, he was able to do what his father couldn’t get to do: helping Kirinmaru realize his mistake. With the whole family together, I’m looking forward with how their lives would be in the final episode.

Next week would finally be the finale of the series. I’m finally going to be freed from my duty covering this series. I’m close to burning out. Even though this episode wasn’t that bad, it still doesn’t stop my exhaustion.


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