Oh gosh, my stomach hurts from laughing so much this episode! There were a lot of sweet moments, but the end of it had so much mortifying second hand embarrassments. What a chaotic mess! I’m dying!

This week Marin introduces to a fluffy, slice of life, four panel manga, I’m a Mega-Best-Selling High-School Student Light Novel Author That has a Succubus Thirsting for Me Every Night and I Don’t Know What to Do, aka: SuccIDK. When she explained to Wakana what a Succubus was, he was justifiably skeptical how this could possibly be cute and fluffy when the demon’s description was super disturbing. But sure enough, just as Marin said, it was fluffy and Wakana was quickly smitten by it to the point he bought a copy of the manga for himself before they went home from their date. It is so cute that he discovered his preference is the cute and fuzzy types of series. Heheh~ (He also bought a Jinbei he spotted, which was right up his alley. He was very happy with his purchase, but I digress!)

Originally, there were no plans of doing a cosplay for SuccIDK. That was because because as much as Marin adores Liz’s character, she didn’t have the confidence to pull off looking cute with half-pigtails. However Wakana didn’t think that would be the case, on the contrary he thought they would look nice on her. So despite their agreement to try and avoid characters outfits who have a lot of skin exposed, he was the one encouraged Marin to give it a go.

But it wasn’t until after that he realized drawing out the pattern for the outfit was going to be a different process than usual. Since the character designs are simplified compared to the details he is used to seeing in games and anime up until now, this meant he had to use his own interpretation to flesh out the details of the outfit. It was a new hurdle, but he managed to make it very cute, but the only thing that concerned him was whether he was able to faithfully adapt it. But Marin was able to give him some reassurance that one of the pleasures of making your own cosplay is the liberty of freedom to play with their own interpretations of the outfits.

As for SuccIDK photoshoot, Marin had been browsing the web and found a place that resembled the protagonist’s home and booked it on the spot. But it turns out it belonged to a room in a freaking Love Hotel, which Marin didn’t realize until after she booked it. Of course Wakana didn’t quite realize this (though he definitely had some suspicions when they arrived) until they get into the room, which lead to full blown panic. But Marin being Marin just rolls on without getting self-conscious about the whole thing and even outright went searching for condoms because she heard about this myth that if they leave it in their wallet it will bring them wealth. I freaking can’t. MARIN PLEASE!

Nevertheless, despite his reservations, Wakana ended up having his own curious moment when he made the mistake to turn on the TV, which he ends up sneakily watching. That was still pretty gutsy of him to do while Marin was changing though, but clearly he he didn’t quite think through of the consequences of what would follow if she took any longer.

Rather, what could have happened there was the least of his concerns. In fact you could say it was trivial compared to what did end up happening, leading us to the chaotic incident that followed.

Compared to their usual shoots, this time Wakana is equally as fond of the series as Marin, so this time, he personally tagged the pages with scenes he wanted to get shots (which was just about all of them hahahahahaha). The two of them were having so much fun with the process, that Wakana, who is usually gets easily flustered at just the sight and touch of skin, was the one to suggest Marin should get on top of him so he could get a shot in the protagonist’s point of view.

Oh my gosh. knew it was going to be trouble. I mean what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

It was genius angle for the shot… that is until they remembered where they were at when they heard moans from the room next to them and realized they were in a very precarious position. Of course panic leads to chaos, which led to only escalating the already very embarrassing and dangerous waters they were treading. Hell, even once things ‘calmed down’ (to lightly put it), there was a mood between them and it sure looked like had it not been for the call from the front desk to interrupt them, the two would may have kissed! Though frankly speaking, I’m not one for interrupting what could be a a special moment, but given how things could have escalated, this was one that needed to be interrupted because that was a close call. So nice timing front desk!

Now it begs the question of how the two are going to face each other after this mortifying incident. Usually it’s only one or the other that’s in the fluster zone, but after that, it’s going interesting to see how they plan to put this incident behind them.


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