First of all I have to say that out of all the episodes I’ve watched so far, this is the episode I dislike the most. I could tolerate the talk about sex, but for Dead Master to publicly showing how sexually aroused she was? Yeah, that’s just disgusting. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the team who did the subtitle for this episode sucks. The subtitle was incomplete and a mess. If I don’t understand some Japanese, I don’t think I’ll understand what they’re actually talking about. (_ _lll)

Empress and the others finally arrived at the military base, where they were welcomed by its temporary captain, Bolt. They were planning to destroy the Orbital Elevator before it’s completed within the time limit of one month.

For the new character introduced, Bolt, I think he’s made a better impression than other supporting characters so far. He’s a dutiful soldier, but much more sympathetic to both the Colonel and Empress’ situation. Not only he helped Empress to understand the Colonel and everyone in the troops, he also indirectly gave her bits of motivation as to why they must keep fighting. Bolt has no family left, so the Colonel and his comrades in the military were everything to him. That’s why he continue to fight to ensure the sacrifices of his comrades who were lost won’t be in vain. Too bad he’s immediately killed here.

Bolt served as the person who revealed the Colonel’s past, confirming my suspicion that the Colonel indeed lost his wife and daughter at the hands of the Educational Institution. This explained why Colonel was more willing to help Empress in saving the girls who became Ritual Maidens, because his wife and daughter were also victims. This provided more insight into the Colonel’s state of mind. Beneath his tough soldier persona is a tortured soul who has been suffering for 10 years and he’s actually as much shocked as Empress when the girls were killed.

Another insight into Dead Master’s personality was also revealed here. Similar as Strength, she didn’t see any meaning nor worth in saving the world, believing that humanity would destroy themselves eventually even without Artemis due to their madness. That’s why she wants to kill Empress and then herself before Artemis could. Yuck, yandere girl alright. I definitely still don’t like Dead Master, but I do have the same reaction as her when Empress flat out asking if love means having sex, which she learned from Monica and even pointed at the said person as someone who told her. Seriously, Monica, why did you even brought that kind of topic when Empress was in the state of grief?!

Speaking about Empress, she’s undoubtedly still shocked by her inability to save the Ritual Maidens. However, this also increased her determination to protect people, and thus, still went through with the operation to destroy the Orbital Elevator regardless. The experience also led her to help Dead Master and willing to help the Colonel in confronting Charlotte, not wanting to see anyone die in front of her or seeing someone losing someone precious like before. To add more motivation, even though she still couldn’t remember what exactly happened when she fought Artemis, her desire to kill Artemis was still persisting in her memory.

Last but not the least, this episode became the debut fight for Charlotte, otherwise known as Skrull Master, the girl who was always seen with that Smiley guy or whatever. I didn’t pay attention to it before, but now, I noticed that Charlotte, from appearance and name, is identical to the Colonel’s supposedly deceased daughter. Is she really the Colonel’s daughter who got modified like the girls in Homiteus Unit or she’s just someone who looks like her? Her presence shook the Colonel, causing him to hesitate. How’re they going to handle Charlotte now?


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