SPY×FAMILY Episode 3

This was an adorable episode showcasing the three main characters’ dynamic and it is as chaotically adorable as we all hoped. Especially with how all of them are trying to make sure their real identities remain a secret. Which just creates fun and silly scenarios that make for some really entertaining reactions. Especially when both Loid and Yor are just blissfully unaware of how suspicious the other is while Anya just knows everything. I also like the symbolism of the shot of all three of them looking off in different directions. Usually I hate scenarios where characters are keeping secrets and lying to the other as it makes me anxious. However, how it’s portrayed in this series is just so comedic that it just makes for hikarious hijinks.

Last episode, we didn’t really get to see Yor interact with Anya that much since we had to focus on a bomb of a proposal, so of course we would get to see the two interact and how they bounce off each other this week. It was honestly really cute watching Anya show Yor around the house. They really nailed the kid-aspect in Anya’s character with how she gave Yor the home tour. I could definitely picture an actual kid doing that. Because Yor raised raised her little brother who was several years younger than her, it shows that she’s really good with kids as she went along pleasantly with Anya’s antics throughout the home tour and it was just really heartwarming to see. Though their growing relationships isn’t without bumps as Yor’s assassin nature often scares the living crap out of Anya. The face that Anya made when she heard from Yor’s thoughts that she had accidentally broke a couple of her little brothers ribs when she hugged him too hard is so iconic. Definitely one of the best Anya faces. While I’m sure having an assassin for a mom seems fun to Anya in theory, there are times where it’s just outright terrifying for the small child lol.

Speaking of Yor, if we didn’t catch it in the previous episode, it is made abundantly clear of how socially awkward she is and often has trouble figuring out what is considered “normal.” Like when Loid asked her a mock interview question, she could only answer in terms of killing someone and seemed awestruck by anything related to killing… made all the more hilarious that Loid didn’t find any of that suspicious. He obviously thought it was weird, but he didn’t even seem to consider the possibility that Yor was more than he initially thought she was. Despite her awkwardness and her innate killing tendencies, she is still a very sweet individual who genuinely wants to get along with Anya and cares for others around her. Even sprinting over to help an old lady after she got robbed and even offering her to help her to the hospital. It’s a very interesting duality to Yor’s character. You’d think she’d just be a cold-blooded killer who didn’t have a shred of care for others besides herself and maybe her family. And while she can be cold-blooded when she’s on the job, there is a big part of her that just wants a normal life. Despite her new family technically being fake, it seems as if she is starting to really treasure them and her new home. They are probably giving her the closest thing to a “normal” family life despite them being anything but normal.

And while she enjoys the excitement of being in a family with a spy and an assassin, all Anya wants is to just HAVE a family. And because she seems to have finally found one, she is desperate to keep it. Which is why she freaks out at the notion of them finding out since she believes she wouldn’t be wanted anymore. Which may have been the reason why she was constantly returned back to the orphanage so many times as I’m sure that “normal” families would find her abilities to be freaky. While Anya’s abilities have often been used for comedic purposes, we also get to see the drawback. If she’s in an area with too many people with “loud” thoughts, she gets overwhelmed. I felt really bad for her when she was plagued by the strong negative thoughts at the political speech. Showing that she may not have full control over what she hears.

We also get a little more insight on Loid as well and how he’s slowly changing. We know that he’s more used to doing things a certain way and throughout the episode, he was just progressively getting more frustrated at how things just weren’t turning out the way he had planned or hoped. Not to mention what did he expect to happen at the mock exam if he didn’t bother to prep them first? Despite things not going according to plan, we did get to see that this fake family may be good for him as a person. Yor noticed that Loid was getting annoyed and took them out to a place overlooking the city for a change of pace. Something that he definitely needed. It helped break him out of his rigid and calculative way of doing things and allowed him a different perspective, something he probably needs for his mission. He can’t do this mission all on his own and he needs to rely on both Yor and Anya to carry out their roles. And he can’t do it if he’s stuck in his own head and his usual ways. Which was represented beautifully with how he was able to catch the thief with the help of both Yor and Anya. The three of them are the perfect team as they are able to use their abilities to compensate for each others’ weaknesses and able to get things done. It also allowed him to have a change of pace of his usual spy work and was thanked for his services for the first time.

I love the balance of comedy, heartwarming moments and action this series seems to do so seamlessly. All three of the characters are so charming and lovable and the dynamic between all of them is just so good. This episode was definitely a lot more funny with how they bounce off each other and how they react to each others’ quirks. They definitely have a lot to get used to in this fake family, but despite it all, they are a wonderful family who genuinely seem to care for each other. Now that they’ve prepped for the exam to… varying degrees of success, we’ll just have to see how well they do in the next episode. To which I am very eager to see how they handle a certain character~


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