Even though this episode didn’t explain Shikimori’s background as I hoped it would, it still a wonderful one to watch as I could see how this loving couple going on a movie date for the first time. But before that, I’m happy that we were introduced to Shikimori’s brother, Fuji, who looks as cool as his younger sister! For the date part, I believe that Inuzuka purposely gave the movie tickets to Izumi and excused that he has part time work and couldn’t watch knowing that he’ll invite Shikimori to watch together with him. Nice on, Inuzuka! You’re really the best best friend!

Izumi’s bad luck, the couple’s movie preference, and their love for each other completed one another into making this date a cute yet funny one. To make it a perfect date, Izumi spent hours a night before to place things that he thought would be necessary to ensure that his bad luck won’t ruin his perfect date with his beloved girlfriend, but his preparation was pointless as it took a whole big bad that he couldn’t carry with his power, so in the end he didn’t bring them on his date. Similarly, in preparation for the date, Shikimori tried various outfits after reading a magazine so she’ll look cuter in her boyfriend’s eyes.

The date moment, while not exactly new, was still enjoyable to watch. As expected, following the type switch, Shikimori is a fan of horror movies while Izumi prefers something more romantic. Like dutiful girlfriend she was, Shikimori was usually the one who arranged their schedules, deciding where to go and what to do that she did following Izumi’s tastes. Like any loving boyfriend, Izumi wanted to make the date one that his girlfriend would enjoy, so for this time, he insisted that their date should follow Shikimori’s taste. Unfortunately for Izumi, Shikimori chose horror movies (that obviously parodies Hollywood horror movies), but he still went along with it, imagining that he could play the part of boyfriend who’ll comfort his girlfriend who got scared, only for the opposite to happen. And when he wanted to treat her a pancake, he lost his wallet, the string that he tied his wallet with to ensure it won’t lost, got cut off. Its humour was equally touching to watch as the two of them tried their hardest so that they’ll have the best date, showing how much Shikimori and Izumi loves each other.

The highlight of the episode, however, was the bonding time between Shikimori and Izumi’s family. Izumi’s parents are people who unconditionally loves their son, parents who anyone would love to have. Izumi’s mother in particular was always worried for her son since he was little. No matter how much Izumi got hurt, he pay more attention to the people around him than his own self, making her unable to send off his son with a smile because her head was too much filled with thoughts of whether or not her son could pass his day and come back in one piece. She was relieved upon knowing her son got a girlfriend who loved him without minding his bad luck. And from the way his mother did chores, it’s clear that Izumi not only got his looks from his mother, but also some of the clumsiness from her.

From this conversation with Izumi’s mother, Shikimori once again proved herself to be a wonderful girlfriend. Instead of viewing negatively about Izumi’s bad luck like some sort of burden, Shikimori accepted his bad luck as something that shaped Izumi to become the kind of person he is now, the gentle person that she fell in love with. She never once pitied Izumi’s situation, rather, she admired how Izumi never once pitied himself and still grew up caring for other people’s well-being because his bad luck taught him how it feels to be in pain. Because he fully knew the pain, he doesn’t wish for others to bear the same pain as himself. And so, Izumi proved himself to be a wonderful boyfriend for Shikimori. I’ll be more than happy to accept Izumi as my boyfriend as well! (^///^)


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