Before getting into the episode, I apologize that I’ve left this series on hold for so long. Back in January my old laptop completely broke down on me and I had to take the time to get a new one. Since getting the new one I just focused on the shows I was currently reviewing, and I was also busy in my personal life. So again sorry for the long delay! But hey…it’s not like we’re getting the next batch of episodes any time soon. Thanks Netflix and whoever decided slowly churning out the episodes each year was a good idea. :)))))))

And now we’re back to the Johngalli A. fight, which isn’t even done yet. Jolyne and Jotaro are still figuring out a way to best take down his stand through knowing his ability, which is the stand being able to track their movements through air movement. Once knowing their location, Johngalli A. shoots from his rifle in the men’s prison, which travels and strikes his target.

At first it seems like Jolyne had the right idea by activating the emergency sprinklers to mess with the air in the room but that didn’t really go as planned. She gets a surprising tip but the boy in the baseball uniform again when he tells Jolyne to knock out the base of the pillar in the room. He doesn’t explain how or why he even knows that’s there, just that he wants Jolyne to survive. This child has been extremely mysterious so far, what with the bone, being able to travel around the prison, and telling Jolyne strange things that happen to come true. And the weirdest is that fact that he’s a child in this prison. What is a child doing in a place like this, and why specifically in a baseball uniform. Just like Jolyne says, he’s like any other kid you could find in a park, but instead he’s running around this prison dropping cryptic messages. And it’s like he has a connection with Jolyne already, pleading with her to survive. It’ll be exciting when we can actually meet him.

Instead of listening to either the child or Jotaro, Jolyne ignores the secret path and instead follows after the child to protect him from Johngalli A., who now has his target on him since he got in the way and helped Jolyne and Jotaro. Now, another huge mystery right now is also Johngalli A. He has this hatred and rage toward Jolyne and Jotaro, though specifically with the Joestar name and the entire family lineage. He’s never even met them personally that we know of, but he wants them dead as payback. Payback for taking someone away from him who he cared about. Hmm…now who could that be?

In typical Jojo fashion, things have taken a turn for the weirder. Jolyne went after the child and managed to take down Johngalli A’s stand, using a trick with the gas pipe. It seemed like everything was settled, but things get strange quick when the child suddenly disappears from the room, Jolyne sees Johngalli’s in the actual room, and the fact that Jotaro has no idea what she’s talking about when it comes to literally everything that’s happened to them so far. Turns out, the second she stepped into the visitation room is the second they walked into his trap. Just like the child said, don’t go in the visitation room. Jolyne wakes up to this…slimy melting weirdness. I really was curious how they would adapt this part because of how weird and gross it is, but oh my god the sound effects make me nauseous. It’s just this really gross goopy sound that I DO NOT like listening to so the faster Jolyne or Jotaro can wake up and get themselves out of this weird room, the better. Dx

And the fight will definitely be ending next episode so let’s look forward to that. Though…there is a scene I’m not looking forward to…


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