Sorry for my lateness! This weekend was crazy with me helping out at the Cherry Blossom Festival. But now I am back to continue with the second episode of this delightful series. I’ve been waiting for assassin mommy. I wouldn’t call her my favorite character, but she is a joy to watch. Though I guess that goes for the main three in general. Especially with the contrast between being a cold blooded killer to a socially awkward worker lady. I do like that we get time for Loid to bond with Anya before having to find a wife for his pretend family. It gives us a chance to slowly ease into the incoming dynamic of the family and it’s great.

I do like how we have a good grasp on the characters’ motivations from the getgo and what kind of person they are when they are introduced. While Yor is an assassin, she only wanted to help provide for her younger brother and seems to long for an ordinary life. However due her situation of being the only one who could provide since her parents are dead, she had to resort to more unethical methods. It’s definitely sad to see that because of her assassin work that she seemed to have started from a young age, she wasn’t able to develop as much social skills as she could have. So now she has to deal with trying to be “normal” so she can hide her assassin work but she doesn’t know how. Not to mention that her first thought on how to solve a problem is to kill people. I definitely feel sorry for her as it seems all she wants is to be “normal,” but it seems to be out of her reach. Making her the perfect candidate to join the family of misfits and secret holders. I actually didn’t realize just how socially awkward she was until I saw it in the anime lol.

When Loid and Yor first come into contact, the two just feel perfect. Especially when both of them are trying to hide their identities and end up using the other as cover to lower suspicion around them. But dang, when Loid just ends up coming to the party bleeding and proclaiming he’s Yor’s husband was just something you wouldn’t expect lol. Poor guy has been pushed to his limit these past couple episodes where he’s making all sorts of mistakes. Despite all that, it seems like Loid really is the only person who could have possibly understood Yor’s situation and be accepting of it. He finds her sacrifice to help her family admirable and mentally compares it to how he’s been sacrificing himself everyday to fight for a peaceful tomorrow.

But man, the fact that despite how intelligent Loid is, he never catches on that Yor is more than how she appears and vise versa. When she stops Camilla from “accidentally” dropping food on her by kicking the platter and balancing it on her foot, the only thing that Loid commented on was using her feet was unsanitary. My guy… THAT was the only problem with that??? Not the fact that she used her feet to not only kick but balance a freaking tray of food. The two are just completely oblivious about the other and constantly believe their flimsy lies somehow which just makes the situation even more hilarious. Especially with how Yor believed that Loid was being attacked by his psychiatric patients. But I guess it shows that the two are perfect for each other lol.

Thus Yor brings up the idea of marrying out of convenience. They both have something to gain from being in a pretend marriage. Yor can get out of the spotlight of suspicion and Loid can continue forward with his infiltration mission. Typically, I hate how relationships revolve around lying to the other, but since this is a comedy and how hard they try to seem normal to the other is just so hilariously dumb that it’s fun to watch. It’s also just really cute to see Yor already kind of falling for Loid despite only knowing him for a short amount of time. And then there’s the proposal scene. The proposal scene is legit one of my favorite if not my most favorite moment in this entire series that had me cackling so hard upon seeing it for the first time in the manga and the anime didn’t disappoint.. Just the way it was presented just kills me every time I see it. Like are we REALLY just going to ignore that explosion in the background? But then again, it feels like such a fitting way for a proposal between the two to go down. Explosions and all.

While Anya wasn’t in this episode as much, she definitely played a major part in getting these two together. I just had to laugh at how she instigated the conversation by “lamenting” over the fact that she doesn’t have a mom. I feel like Anya is one of those characters that can very easily be viewed as annoying. However, they balance her kid tendencies very well with her being a telepath and being the only one who is aware of everything that is going on. And if it wasn’t for her, Loid and Yor never would have continued their conversation, eventually leading to Yor becoming the wife in the pretend family. Thus the dynamic that the spy and assassin have absolutely no clue what kind of life the other leads while the telepathic kid knows everything was born. It’s just such a silly premise and this series makes it work.

I’m still a bit bummed that the comedy doesn’t hit as hard as it does in the manga, but I should really just stop comparing. This episode was still fantastic even if the comedy isn’t as highlighted. Though they still did a fantastic job with how they handled the proposal scene. They did my favorite scene justice, so I’ll let my gripes go for the time being. Yor’s introduction was fantastic and I love that they showed so many sides to her and why she’s the perfect fit for this pretend family. I also like that they actually explain why he isn’t just pretending to be a family with a female spy. Which loops back to Yor’s conversation with her coworkers as many women spies seem to have been apprehended due to being outed by neighbors and such for being “suspicious.” Overall, this was a very fun episode that makes me excited to how the rest of the series will be adapted now that the family unit has been made.

Also can we just talk about how close the character designs of the main trio so closely resemble that of Kaguya-sama? Yet another comedy show with stupid good animation with a blond and sharp, blue eyed male lead, a black haired, red eyed main female lead and the air-headed pink haired girl lol. Not to mention that Shirogane and Loid’s VA’s are very similar to each other and often speak in a similar tone. The similarities are hilariously uncanny especially as both shows came out the same season. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has made this connection lol.


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  1. Kazanova

    I was wondering why you haven’t posted the ep 2 review yet, and thank goodness you didn’t make it a double post with ep 3. Here it is! The proposal scene is certainly the best! Good job Anya, for bringing the two of them together! Loid and Yor are truly a match for each other! (^w^)

    You’re not the only one who thought these three resembles the characters from Kaguya-sama. Heck, there’s even an official art where Kaguya-sama characters cosplayed as Loid, Yor, and Anya, which is so cute! (^_^)

    1. Tevin Aduma

      lol im looking for that fanart, I can almost guess they paralled Anya as Chika

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