There were two good things happened in this episode.

First would be Miya, unlike how she was shown at the end of the previous episode, was fortunately still alive and successfully rescued. However, considering how young she was, I won’t be surprised if she became traumatized after what Smiley had done to her. In this episode, it’s finally revealed that all the girls who were sent to Smiley as Ritual Maidens or sacrifices were actually to check the compatibility of the girls whether they are able to become a Hemiteos Unit like Empress, Strength, and Dead Master. And afterwards, the chosen girls would then able to bear his children.

How is it even possible for a machine like him to make the girls bear children for him? Does it has something to do with how Empress and the others have both machine and biological DNAs? Ugh, I dunno how many times I’ve said this, but I absolutely hate Smiley. What does he takes the human girls are? Some baby-breeding machine? Not enough with that, he even just tossed out the corpses of the girls who failed like rag dolls. I despise him! I am so happy when he’s finally destroyed! OH YEAH! Props to Empress and Bolt for defeating them together! But, since there was already Charlotte who was a success, why would Smiley still aim for Miya to be remodelled as his bride? Something seemed to have gone wrong that Smiley tried to remodel other girl.

Second would be the destruction of the Educational Institution, including Smiley’s death that I mentioned above. This didn’t come without a cost, however, as several other soldiers, including Bolt, who I was glad to know to have actually survived in previous episode, now died for good in this episode to save Empress by sacrificing himself while entrusting the success of their mission to the Colonel. This time, for the last time, may you rest in peace, Bolt. (TT_TT)

And we also knew a bit more about Lunatic, the incarnation of Artemis, as a character. Before, she was shown defeating Empress. Now, it’s shown that she’s the one responsible in crucifying and did something to Strength and Dead Master during their first battle against Artemis’ army. It’s not yet clear what exactly she has done, but she seemed to be the sadistic type who found joy in violence and battle, as she expected Strength to put up more fight against her as part of her entertainment and let her live so they could fight again the next time. Needless to say, she’s not the type that I like. I hope Strength or Empress beat her up if they ever get their rematch.

Based on Lunatic’s words, there were two things revealed: Lunatic and Charlotte are also similar to Hemiteos Unit, but Artemis seemed to have made some changes that made them, particularly Lunatic who is said to be her incarnation, stronger. Second, Strength and the others deduced there’s a chance to undo Charlotte’s brainwashing and get her back to normal, which gave hope to the Colonel there’s still a chance for him to save his daughter.

I’m actually starting to like the dynamic between Strength and Norito. Strength became the voice of reason for Norito in this episode, teaching him the need to confront the worst case scenario instead of running away from it as the rescue operation was dependent on it. It might sound harsh, but Strength was right. They were not alone in this rescue mission, so every seconds matters to not only them, but also Empress and the others who were fighting against Smiley and other automations outside while they infiltrated inside. And Norito, despite Strength’s harsh exterior, was able to see the kindness hidden inside, and that’s why he’s able to see her and the others off with a smile even though Strength responded in her tsundere way. Too bad that they won’t work together again now.

At least, now the three Hemiteos Unit have gathered to fight together. After the destruction of Educational Institution, Empress finally makes her way to the Lighthouse No. 8, the place where she remembered to be the place of her origin. Hopefully, some questions would be answered in the next episode without giving more questions like it does in this episode.

Episode 7 would be a double post with Episode 8


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