This episode has proven to me once more that the series follows the cliche used in many anime and manga where the stereotypical perfect pretty girl and average normal boy are depicted. As expected, it’s shown here that Shikimori was bad at cooking, which explained why she took a cooking lesson in the previous episode. Shikimori seemed good at everything she did, but cooking was one of the things she’s bad at. This was when Izumi, the boyfriend, stepped in, as for all of his bad luck, he’s an excellent cook, surprising his friends considering his bad luck often got him into (and them to an extent) into trouble, so we all would guess Izumi would get hurt if he’s handling cooking utensils. It’s a wonder that he’s able to cook without getting his fingers or any part of him hurt by knife and other things. It’s almost feel like I’m seeing Chitoge and Raku from Nisekoi. Chitoge is good at almost everything except housework, while Raku is not exceptionally good at some things but he’s skilled at housework.

But perhaps, Izumi able to cook without getting into accident might be because he’s used up his luck for cooking. Afterwards, his bad luck struck him again after he almost drowned due to cramped feet to save a little girl from being swept away by the current, prompting his girlfriend to save him again as usual. I actually thought there would be a scenario where Izumi fainted from drowning, so Shikimori would give him a mouth-to-mouth CPR, but it didn’t happen. Instead, we got Izumi being kissed by the little girl he saved, which of course, made Shikimori a bit jealous. At least, Izumi got an indirect kiss with Shikimori by licking her ice cream. Too bad the same couldn’t be said to the latter because Inuzuka ate Izumi’s ice cream whole, causing Shikimori to get her revenge by doing the same to Inuzuka’s ice cream lol

They’ve been dating for a while, but looks like they haven’t kissed yet. They’re truly the pure type couple who take things steady. I want to see them kiss, but the pure type is also a treat because of how adorable their attempt to get more intimate.

While not much, the couple’s best friends were equally funny to watch. Inuzuka interrupting Shikimori and Izumi’s intimate moment that caused childish argument with Shikimori, Nekozaki trying to show off how cute the bashful Shikimori was in her swimsuit, and Hachimitsu posing on the giant clam like a mermaid with children surrounding her was my favorite part! With the choice of swimsuit they decided to wear, I am eternally grateful to both Nekozaki and Hachimitsu for discouraging Shikimori from choosing an embarrassing swimsuit in the previous episode.

This episode is a pure slice-of-life paradise for viewers. Following the preparation for summer break in previous episode, Izumi, Shikimori, and their friends now get to have their fun by going to the river town. Like any other anime, it’s the typical Japanese summer vacation that I am sure we all have watched many times but still enjoyable to watch anyway and I found myself relaxing while watching the cast having their summer adventures.


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