This episode finally focused on the Colonel and his family as well as showing more of his kind side. Before becoming the person he is now, the Colonel was still a strict soldier but kind and loving of his family, particularly his daughter, Charlotte. His main motivation to become a soldier and fight was to create a peaceful world where he and his family could live happily, promising Charlotte that he’ll give her a safe future. Losing his family changed his motivation from creating the peaceful world to vengeance against the automations who had stolen his family. Even after learning that Charlotte is still alive, albeit as an enemy due to brainwashing, Colonel’s revenge-driven motivation was still there.

What helped Colonel in remembering the feelings he buried was Andy, an old-type librarian droid. Andy dreamed of rebuilding his broken droid family so they could play baseball together, something that Colonel and Charlotte did in the past. Colonel found kindred spirit in Andy who had been left alone yet still wished that one day he could repair his family again and live together. It even more so because Colonel was the one who destroyed one of Andy’s friends, Thomas, after thinking he’s an enemy. Both suffered from loneliness without a family, and that’s why Colonel could feel for Andy, robot or not. I still have mixed feeling for the Colonel, but my opinion about him has softened more than before. I’m sure he meant it when he gave the baseball to Andy and promised to come visit again one day. However, being an apocalyptic setting with heavy theme, Andy was destroyed by Charlotte only moments after the Colonel and the others left. Poor Andy…(TT_TT)

We also learned how Artemis was developed. Artemis was created with a hope of an AI with high degree of ethics so Artemis could act as an autonomous AI without becoming a danger to humanity. Unfortunately, the scientists who created her believed they have solved her ethic problem through the test of the famous trolley problem, which required to choose between saving five people or one person. Artemis went with the perception of saving many by sacrificing a few, and then took responsibility by suicide. I felt like rolling my eyes when hearing that Artemis’ creators were pleased by her answer.

Seriously, they were stupid. They thought that presenting such test would mean Artemis has the right ethic? Empress pointed out the right question. The definition of life for Artemis is different from humans. The problem with Artemis, she was never taught about morality. While I know there are times that sacrifice is unavoidable, life is not something that can be decided only with choosing one between two choices like it does in the trolley problem. There’s always many possibilities in life, which represented by Strength and Dead Master’s answers, both didn’t really bother with choosing between the two choices presented. Why bother when they knew there’s another alternative? Personally, I agree with Strength’s answer of killing the person who made the question lol XD


After being a simple supporting character who just followed Empress and the others, we finally got a little background of Monica. The group encountered a ship with Isana, Monica’s ex-girlfriend, being the captain. I’m not a fan of yaoi or yuri, but I won’t criticize their relationship here, I’m going to cover this objectively regardless of my personal belief. Like many couple who broke up, things were awkward between Monica and Isana at first, considering that Isana dumped Monica. In reality, Isana was ill from the pollution exposure and most likely won’t live long, so she broke up with Monica to avoid the latter becoming heartbroken from her impending death.

I can understand why some sick people choose to either hide their condition when they’re dying from the people they love or push them away because they don’t want their loved ones to be saddened by their death. But the thing is, I don’t think that is the right thing to do. While the sick ones may think they’re protecting their loved ones from pain by keeping them in the dark, that can actually do more harm than good to everyone involved. For the loved ones, it would make them feel betrayed or at worst affected their mental health to the point of losing satisfaction with life. Sharing their problem with them, however, can strengthen their bond and help everyone navigate the journey ahead. While the eventual death would be painful, that pain is also proof that the love and affection they shared are real. It’s good that Monica and Isana were able to be honest with each other.

As a character, I admire Isana’s tenacity and sense of responsibility as a leader. She’s already sick enough, but still willing to take the risk of shortening her lifespan for the sake of her people who needs money and settlement to live. And she did show a good leadership, assessing the situation based on her experience and knowledge.

It also gave a development for Monica’s character, who initially only tagged along for the sake of money and fulfilling her curiosity about Empress. Unlike everyone who have the motivation to go even if it means there’s no turning back, Monica was not ready to take the big risk of death. Reuniting with Isana reminded her of their old times and how, in the end, she still loved her and refused to let her die. With little time Isana has, Monica wanted to give Isana the life she deserves before her time runs out, and so she decided to continue her journey with Empress and the others.

For once, I like Monica and Dead Master here. They provided some comical moments that I really needed after what happened in the previous episode. I like the light-hearted moment when Monica realized what she just got herself into, especially when the others voiced each of their reason to go into Lunatic’s territory and how Monica reacted to their answers was amusing. And also when she squealed to find source of money that she got reproached by the Colonel. Dead Master, on the other hand, has fear insects to the point she’ll immediately shoot down any who was hostile, which led to a dire situation that nearly got her and everyone else killed.

Empress’ power-up near the end of the episode was also cool. But, I hope she’ll get a sword next time for a change. I still like Empress, but Strength has grown more on me and now she became my favourite character in the series. While my opinion of Monica and Dead Master improved, it’s only a bit, I still can’t say I like them.

Last but not the least, we also learned that the series’ title, Dawn Fall, was referring to the Earth’s final day otherwise known as “Dawn Fall Day”. They only have two weeks left for their deadline before the orbital elevator is completed and prevent the dawn fall of humanity. I wonder if this series will end with the humanity being wiped out despite Empress and the others’ struggle, or they’ll succeed and bring back peace for humanity.


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