This was a very bitter sweet episode. Tensions are still high from last week’s episode since the photos of Hiyori were leaked, but by the end of the episode it seems like dating rumors have cleared. And while other good things happened with the trio, ultimately LIPxLIP is left without a manager-in-training and that is just a real bummer!!

I know that there needed to be damage control once the photos were released, but I really, really don’t think Hiyori went with the best course of action. At the very least it just means that she has no reason to interact with them, but at least for her school life that ship has sailed. It’s not like she can show up and say “I was their manager-in-training! That’s why I was so friendly with them.” I mean, technically she could, but the bullying, comments, and ostracization would still continue. In her spending less time with them all it would do is provide less photos. I don’t know what the correct move would have been, but I definitely don’t think this was it! And I’m actually really surprised that she didn’t rejoin after the press conference! Hiyori…. I’m worried for you. 

But scandal aside, I really enjoyed Yujiro and Aizo interacting more with their families. We’ve known about Aizo and his brother’s relationship for awhile, but it was really nice to hear some encouraging words. Even if they were the classic, “Haha, yeah I would have reacted this way, but you’re different than me” line, but it was a line that Aizo needed to hear. Sometimes when you’re just swimming with the thoughts you need someone to help you release them. And then on Yujiro’s side, we actually get to see some interactions with his younger brother. I’m glad to see that the two of them get along. I enjoyed the little brother’s boldness to come to the agency in an attempt to talk to the group, but I also really enjoyed that they were able to wrap the police moment from the first episode into their relationship! I was wondering when they were going to talk about it, since an idol getting a talking to from the police is pretty huge. Turns out he was just being a good big bro and covering for his sibling. :^)

Something that has been pretty cool in recent episodes is seeing how well Yujiro and Aizo are getting along. By no means are they best friends or anything, but at least they are starting to see eye to eye…. or at the very least don’t want to attack the other by the throat whenever they talk. Honestly, it’s pretty funny to think that they use Hiyori as the middle man because they don’t have each other’s phone numbers. It’s turned from a distaste, to an almost tsundere situation where they both don’t want to admit that they actually enjoy the other’s company. That was pretty clear when Aizo was hanging out in a tree while Yujiro just kept trying to shoo him away. I’m really happy to see that everyone is getting along now!! 

I really hope things look up for LIPxLIP and Hiyori. While the dating allegations have been curbed, I really don’t think Hiyori is out of the danger zone yet. The previews for next week have me stressed! At least we had a cute ending with the Narumi sisters !! 


I live up to my username, but I hope we can be friends!