Oh boy this was yet another super stressful episode. Perhaps I might be the one of the odd ones out of wanting everyone to get out alive from this ordeal. I imagine some people might prefer if at least someone falls in battle to raise the stakes even further, but I’d be happy to see everyone in the party get out alive. These adventurers have suffered enough, and many have already perished no thanks to this monster. They are working hard to leave nobody behind, but with everything that is being thrown at them, it begs the question of how much longer will they be able to do this? Among them, they have seven wounded, none of them in shape to battle. That said, among those who have been infested by the parasite seedling, Dormul and his party has been admirably doing some heavy lifting. And for that we need to commend his effort of doing what they can to lessen the burden on Bell’s party, and contribute to the rescue efforts.

We have learned that Dormul’s party had come down into the dungeon as part of searching for the missing Adventurers. However they have made a chilling discovery of finding the missing’ bodies were wrapped in vines and burried under rocks at what was supposed to be a Safety Point on the 28th Floor. And if that wasn’t bad enough, it was there where the Moss Huge had ambushed them when they were on their way back to the surface. This new information, along with everything that has been thrown at them today made one thing clear: To deal with Moss Huge, they need to abandon whatever logic and knowledge they thought they knew about the monsters of the dungeon, and start thinking about dealing with an opponent that has the brains to strategize and tactics like a highly intelligent Human would. It further highlights why it’s so important to hold their cards close to their chest, but when they are being pushed into a corner, they can only do so much and slowly reveal their hand. Among them, they are Welf’s magic fire swords (which, to their knowledge is the only thing that appears to inflict damage to Moss Huge. That’s why not having Bell present is a problem at the moment since he is the only one in the party who can wield Fire magic), and the second which they are about to use is Haruhime’s Level Up buff. This is something that isn’t just limited to trying to hide from Moss Huge, but from other Familias as well. Aisha has the others swear they wouldn’t speak a word of this in order to ensure confidentiality for Haruhime’s protection.

But the most horrifying part of the episode, was when we saw exactly what Moss Huge’s grand scheme was: Free-Farming the Magic Stones. By initiating a Pass Parade and a Monster Party, where the group quickly finds themselves surrounded and endlessly attacked by a mob of monsters. And since they are too busy fighting for their survival, they have to defeat them and just run for it. With to time to pick up the Magic Stones, who gets them? Moss Huge of course. This is just downright terrifying considering this motherfucker  is problematic as it is, and now it has a god-damn buffet of Magic Stones to devour. And that sick smirk on its face just speaks for itself of the terror it is about to unleash. (Not to mention, it has a god damn stash of Adventurers corpses!) Lili’s risky plan of taking advantage of Mikoto’s Gravity skill and smashing it into the depths of the waterfalls is at peril now that they will face facing it after it had evolved even further.

Meanwhile the party is being swarmed by monsters, Bell is getting assistance from the Mermaid Maria, who as suspected, can talk and is acquaintances with the Xenos, Rido, Rei and Gross. She has been in a situation where she can’t really leave the place due to being unable to fly or walk on land. However Bell changed that fate as he couldn’t bear to leave her behind, fearing for her safety against the Aqua Serpent, so he ended up pulling her out of the water and carrying her out. But thanks to her, Bell is being directed where to find his friends and is being given some important updates of the developing situation.

And speaking of Marie, oh gosh she’s a cute one. I laughed really hard when she shoved her finger into his mouth so she could heal him with her blood, and how she brought out a “bra” to cover herself up after realizing why Bell was getting flustered at seeing her topless. But she is a bit of a baby though when it comes to not wanting to be left behind, though don’t blame her given that she has seen the horrors that the Moss Huge has brought upon both Monsters and Humans alike. She was scared of Bell dying, but she was also scared of being alone again, so it took some time and gentle reassurances from Bell to persuade her to help him find his way back to his friends.

Last but not least, we also have to give a special shout-out to Ouka and Mikoto (though Mikoto certainly deserves the bulk of the credit here as she was the one who finished it), for having the courage to put themselves on the line to defend the party from a bloody Crystaroth Urchin that was sent barreling towards them. Mikoto is doing amazing work right now of coming in clutch for the party when it comes to some perilous situations. However as Aisha says, everyone in Bell’s party as a whole are really holding their own, and it’s nice that she is working with a team that isn’t entirely dependent on her for protection. That said, after all of this is said and done, I am very curious to see just how much the party as a whole has leveled up.

Man these episodes are heck of a ride, I’m simultaneously both scared and excited for the next one. It looks like Bell is getting a power-up of a sorts as it appears he will be using “Argo Vesta”, which Hestia had brought up in the first episode how Vesta is her other name. It means, ‘perpetual flame’, so here’s to hoping this is what will finally eradicate that horrible monster!


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